About Black Fox Metalcraft

Black Fox Metalcraft are a family run business based just North of Manchester, England, beside the Rochdale canal. The workshop was the office for a large Victorian laundry, with the building behind formerly housing the stable block for the horses who used to collect and deliver all the washing to the hotels of the city centre. It was very much the heart of industrial Manchester in it’s day; the enormous old cast iron safe still sits in the office today as it is totally immovable! The team love working in a building rooted in so much local history.

Black Fox is run by Jenny (designer, blacksmith, artist and welder) and Richard (welder, fabricator and general engineering type). They met on an evening welding course at Salford college, and within a year were a couple and had set up the business. The first couple of years were both exciting but exhausting, spending most weekends touring the country promoting their work at agriculture shows, and weekdays producing orders and developing products and designs. Now nearly ten years on and with a growing family, they still have just as much passion for the business, but thankfully a slightly more relaxed approach to working hours!

Perhaps the reason Black Fox Metalcraft has survived the difficulties faced by any small business is the different aspects both personalities bring to the workshop. Jenny has all the creativity and imagination to create the unique and personalised designs that the company is known for, while Richard is a fantastic problem solver with an ability to fix pretty well anything, and his attention to detail has developed the high quality of workmanship that means Black Fox’s products are so well made. Plus the fact that they both absolutely love playing with hot bits of metal and find TIG welding an incredibly relaxing way to spend a day more than makes up for any of the difficulties of running a small creative business.

Black Fox designs still take inspiration from everything around them, from anything in the natural world to art nouveau illustrations found in books, and architectural details spotted during trips to Europe. This interest in just about everything keeps their ideas fresh and unique, and most importantly keeps their love for creating beautiful and original metalwork alive. They genuinely appreciate and enjoy producing every order and commission that comes in, especially when it relates to a special interest of theirs (classic cars and motorbikes in Richard's case, and anything to do with nature or dogs for Jenny!).