Bespoke Swinging Sign – Pegasus

Swinging Sign ImageFarm Sign Photo

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis Pegasus swinging sign is one of our favourite new products. The customer contacted us through the website asking for a bespoke  swinging farm sign with a Pegasus on it. So I did a couple of designs, one using vines quite similiar to the those on our logo, and another where the  horse appeared rising up from the waves. The customer wasn’t sure about either of those, which in the long run I’m really glad of because it meant I came up with this much better design. Even though the design comes from actual plants I have researched and drawn, the design as a whole looks quite ‘fantasy’, which works well with the mythical Pegasus. I think the bracket with the scroll compliments the large swirl at the top of the design too. Really hope to get some photos of it in situ.

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