Our Black Fox Weathervane

weathervane insitu photo Photo Taken in Failsworth

Here’s our very own Black Fox weathervane, finally mounted on the roof of our workshop, showing off a rare blue sky over Failsworth! Its a medium size, which suits the large single storey building perfectly – the detail around the tail is clearly visible which is really important in a design like this. We’ve had these letter bars lying around for ages now, this was my first attempt at gilding the cardinal points. I didn’t think I had done a particularly good job at first, but seeing them from this view, any problems I thought we had are not at all noticeable. I’ve actually been gold leafing cardinal points today for a Scottish Ramant Lion weathervane, they’re looking really good – a much better job than I did on ours, but annoyingly we ran out of gold leaf with about 1 cm left to gild. More has been ordered and I will get it finished over the next couple of days!

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