Bespoke Spitfire Weathervane

Weathervane image Close Up Weathervane PhotoThis bespoke design was done for a customer who contacted us through the website, this weathervane was a gift for her husband’s birthday. The idea of having the Spitfire flying over rooftops was hers, which I think is so much more interesting than just having the plane alone. I chose to draw deliberately English, quite old fashioned looking chimneys, – modern buildings would have looked very out of place with a vintage plane like this. When the design arrived back from the laser cutters initially, we felt we had got the dimensions slightly wrong; it was just a little too small for a weathervane. It would be perfect as a house number plate though so will keep hold of it. We think the plane would look great painted in full colour, so if I get time I’ll use the smaller spare to create a new display item.

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