Apple Tree Sign

Laser Cut Sign photoA stunning laser cut Apple Tree sign we designed and produced recently. The customer specified that she’d like quite a detailed, ornate design, but as the sign would be mounted to a fence, it also needed to be strong enough to withstand accidental damage. The sign is cut in 3 mm steel, and during the design process I took care to make sure that any delicate parts such as unsupported leaves are joined to branches or apples for extra strength, but without affecting the look of the design. Due to the complexity of the design, this took much longer to cut than most of our designs and therefore cost more than the standard signs shown on our website. We love how the house sign has turned out, I think the art nouveau inspired design is truly unique and stands out as a piece of art as well as a functioning house name plate.

Bespoke Layered Sign

Bespoke Sign and Bracket
This photo shows a bespoke sign we’ve produced recently. The customer had been inspired by our popular Climbing Roses sign ( below), and wanted something similar based around Ivy and Dragonflies. These signs are cut in 3 mm steel, and consist of a backplate powdercoated black, and an ornate, laser cut front plate. This is also powder coated black, but the detail is painted by hand in cream so it stands out beautifully against the background. Producing bespoke designs in this style is quite challenging, as there is such a defined space that everything must fit into, and as a result re designs do take a while. But we’ve produced a fair few different versions of this now, and I think they’re popular because they are such a unique product – both functional and a piece of art in it’s own right. The customer who commissioned this bespoke sign also purchased a pair of brackets to compliment it (pictured above). This style of sign would make a wonderful house warming gift for anyone who loves quirky and unique design, as they can be re designed and personalised to suit the recipient’s taste and interests.Bespoke Sign Photo

Laser Cut Lillies Sign

Photo of laser cut Lillies signA bespoke, two layer sign laser cut from 3 mm steel. The design is based around Lily pads and flowers, with a Dragonfly central at the bottom. Both layers are powder coated black, and the detail highlighted by beign hand painted in white. We love this style of two layer sign, and are happy to re design to suit a number instead of a name. We’ve produced several varieties including Roses, vines with Swallows, and even leaf shapes that are entirely made up.

Hare Weathervanes & Signs

Hare Weathervane ImageOver the past three weeks, we have had three separate commissions for Hare related metalwork designs; two for weathervanes and one swinging sign. Having never done any Hare designs up to this point, we are really wondering why they have all come at once?! Here is one of two Hare weathervanes going out with our courier today, the other is a different design which I’ll post next time. And the sign is an almost finished bespoke design that I have spent a lot of time on, really pleased with it so far and think it will turn out to be one of my favourite Black Fox products.

Our Black Fox Weathervane

weathervane insitu photo Photo Taken in Failsworth

Here’s our very own Black Fox weathervane, finally mounted on the roof of our workshop, showing off a rare blue sky over Failsworth! Its a medium size, which suits the large single storey building perfectly – the detail around the tail is clearly visible which is really important in a design like this. We’ve had these letter bars lying around for ages now, this was my first attempt at gilding the cardinal points. I didn’t think I had done a particularly good job at first, but seeing them from this view, any problems I thought we had are not at all noticeable. I’ve actually been gold leafing cardinal points today for a Scottish Ramant Lion weathervane, they’re looking really good – a much better job than I did on ours, but annoyingly we ran out of gold leaf with about 1 cm left to gild. More has been ordered and I will get it finished over the next couple of days!

Bespoke Swinging Sign – Pegasus

Swinging Sign ImageFarm Sign Photo

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis Pegasus swinging sign is one of our favourite new products. The customer contacted us through the website asking for a bespoke  swinging farm sign with a Pegasus on it. So I did a couple of designs, one using vines quite similiar to the those on our logo, and another where the  horse appeared rising up from the waves. The customer wasn’t sure about either of those, which in the long run I’m really glad of because it meant I came up with this much better design. Even though the design comes from actual plants I have researched and drawn, the design as a whole looks quite ‘fantasy’, which works well with the mythical Pegasus. I think the bracket with the scroll compliments the large swirl at the top of the design too. Really hope to get some photos of it in situ.

Busy week in the workshop!

Weathervanes, House Signs, Bespoke MetalworkMiniature Swinging SignAlsation House Number PlateThis is what we’ve been making over the last couple of days! All going to be electroplated & powder coated tomorrow. Several new designs for weathervanes and house signs which is really exciting – can’t wait to get them all back next week. At least 5 of them need hand painting, along with the wedding sign post and Morgan weathervane so will be a busy week again! But thankfully it is largely work I can do at home and keep warm – the workshop has been unbelievably cold the last few days.

I love our Alsation house sign, ordered at a craft fair in Cheshire. We’re thinking about offering a range of ‘Beware of the Dog’ signs starting with this design. I think the most unusual product we’ve made is the rectangular Art Nouveau house name sign with an MGB GT welded on top.  When the customer requested this bespoke design I was a little unsure as to how it would look but surprisingly works really well.

Black Fox Customer Comments

Here’s a few comments we have had emailed from customers recently:

“We are so pleased with the weather vane and the little gifty. Thankyou very much.
We wish you all the best in your venture.” (Miniature Boat Weathervane and Coat hooks)

“It all looks super; can’t wait to see it assembled.”  (Large Horse Weathervane)

“We are so pleased, it is beautiful.”  (Art Nouveau House Name Sign)

“The hanging basket bracket has arrived and is stunning, thank you very much.” (Bespoke gothic style hanging basket bracket)

“Just a quick message to say that the weathervane has arrived safely!  It looks great thank you – can’t wait to get it put up!!”  (Medium Cockerel Weathervane)

It’s fantastic to see an idea go through the design process and come out with a beautiful finished product that the customer is completely happy with!

Black Fox Coat Hooks

Art Nouveau Coat HooksSheep & Collie Hand Forged Coat HooksTwo new designs for coat or tea towel hooks. Most of our weathervane or house sign designs can be produced in miniature for coat hooks, and are available now in our online shop. The hooks are hand forged from 4mm steel, and are finished with a durable matt black powder coating.

So tomorrow we are exhibiting at the reebok stadium craft fair in Bolton, an indoor event which will be nice!

Art Nouveau House Name Plate

Art Nouveau House Number PlateBespoke House Name Sign DesignBespoke  Art Nouveau House Name PlaqueWe were at a car show last month and a couple asked if we could produce our art nouveau house number sign as a rectangle to fit their house name in. Their house name was replaced by a number several years ago when more houses were built on the street, and it is 100 years old this year so they wanted something to commemorate that.

So I re did the art nouveau design for them to fit around a rectangle, offering several different ways of displaying the ‘1912’ where the flower was on the circular design. This house name plaque is made up of two layers of 3mm  mild steel welded together. The back being just a rectangular plate, and the front is the laser cut design.  It is electroplated to prevent rusting, and then powder coated matt black, with the detail and house name being hand painted in cream to finish it.

We had an email from the customer this morning saying that the sign had arrived and how pleased they are with it.  Its really nice to go from an idea and through the whole design process to come out with a beautiful product that the customer is really happy with!

This unique house name plate is now available in our online shop, and can be cut with either the flower, or with a date in its place.  We can also alter the size to accommodate a longer name.