Black Fox Weathervanes at the Stokesley Show



This afternoon we will be picking up our new weathervane design from the powder coaters before heading off the the Stokesley Agriculture show. Really excited to see it – the design is so ornate and beautiful. Very impressed with the detail of the laser cutting. The Cat and Bird design has been popular both as a house number plate and as key hooks, but does not work particularly well as a weathervane due to the majority of the surface area being in the centre (the bird bath), so I have re designed it with this in mind. The Cat sits at the back of the arrow bar and should catch the wind perfectly.

The Stokesley show is the biggest agriculture show Black Fox has exhibited at – its been going for 150 years and attracts around 10 000 visitors over the course of the weekend.

Art Nouveau House Number Plate

This is our Art Nouveau house number plate in it’s various forms. I’ve put this up because when looking at it pre – electroplating and powdercoating, it occurred to me how good it would look in stainless steel. A modern twist to this Art Nouveau inspired design. At least one of our regular laser cutters will engrave into stainless, I’ll try to get a quote for it this week and see if it is something we could realistically offer.

The number 12 and 54 have come back from being electroplated and powder coated today. Phiz lightly sanded the surface to give the red primer something to stick to, and I’m just about to paint the first coat of cream. I think it looks great in red too – I really like this design and would love to experiment with the colours we are using. I’ve actually just re designed this as a rectangle in order to fit a house name in the centre, it’s being laser cut this week.

Tatton Park Classic Car Show

Here is baby Robin, the newest addition to the Black Fox team, looking after his weathervanes and house signs at the Tatton Park classic car show this weekend. Pictured here admiring his Morris Minor Traveller weathervane in the surprisingly good weather on Saturday afternoon!

Black Fox Swinging Sign

Finally I have painted the text on our Black Fox Sign! We spent ages debating what font to use, couldn’t decide and so left it for a couple of weeks. When I came back to it yesterday, this was clearly the right one. I think it really suits the art nouveau inspired design. It will be on display on our stand at the Tatton Park show this weekend, along with our range of classic car weathervanes and house signs.

Art Nouveau House Number Sign

More photos to add to our gallery! These will all be added to a new gallery section of our website in the near future, and put in for our Black Fox online shop voucher competition. Our art nouveau house number sign really compliments the entrance area of this house. I really like the way the top photo shows off the three layers that make up this unique house sign.

Cat & Bird House Number Plate

\zHere is the latest addition to the Black Fox customer gallery – the cat and bird house number plate! Looks like it has made a fantastic addition to the front of this cat lovers house in Cheshire. House signs like this can really reflect the owners personality and interests.

Art Nouveau Metalwork

I’ve found some really beautiful railings in my Art Nouveau Decorative Ironwork book. It doesn’t give much detail other than that they are in France and the architect is M. Porche. I can’t find any information about him online, its a shame as id be really interested to see some of his other work. I love the way the majority of the design is quite simple and understated, then you get to the top and the butterflies really stand out.  This gate and railings has inspired me to work on a butterfly themed design for a decorative metal house sign. I’m looking forward to visiting the Manchester museum where they have a huge collection of butterflies – hopefully I’l get some good ideas there.

Aubrey Beardsley

The work of the late 19th century artist Aubrey Beardsley has been a great inspiration on our designs at Black Fox Metalcraft. He died at the age of 25,  can’t believe he produced so much inspirational work at such a young age. There’s a good in depth article about him here. I’ve always loved his work, I think his sense of line and composition is fantastic from an Illustration point of view, but more importantly for us this style lends itself perfectly to decorative metalwork. I’ve included photos of our Black Fox hanging basket bracket and house number plate to show where some of our inspiration has developed from. We are currently working on a full range of art nouveau metalwork products.

Black Fox Gallery Competition

We are keen to build up a gallery of products insitu – I really enjoy seeing the things we have made being used and enjoyed. We are asking all customers to please send in a photo of their Black Fox product for the chance to win a £30 voucher at the end of the year. Our favourite photo wins! These are the first two to come in, purchased recently by a customer in Cheshire. I particularly like the Obelisk photo – its great to see how it compliments this garden.  I’d be interested to see the Obelisk again next summer when the plants have had a chance to grow up it.