Dodo Weathervane

Dodo WeathervaneIt’s been over a year since our last blog post, so thought we had better get back onto it. We’ve been very busy both with completing design work and orders, and after having our twin daughters last summer the poor blog has been a little neglected. We’ve enjoyed creating loads of new weathervane designs and plenty of bespoke swinging signs, so I thought I’d start uploading a few of them here. Check out our Dodo weathervane – one of the more unusual designs that I do not expect will become a best seller, but I really like it nevertheless. It was designed for a science author and Illustrator who has written books about birds and evolution, so a really interesting project. She had done a rough sketch and knew exactly what she wanted, so I basically just needed to come up with a final design. I’ll upload it to the website and see if we ever sell another!

I enjoy these unusual commissions as it always involves learing a little about a completely random subject that I otherwise wouldn’t have looked into. While the exact appearance of the Dodo can be debated due to considerable variation in 17th century illustrations of the bird, I did not know, for example that Dodos were over a metre tall, and could weigh up to 17.5 kilos, so quite formidable really! A nice one to add to our bird weathervanes collection.