Personalised Farm Sign

We recently produced this farm sign for a customer in Perthshire. It was bought as a gift, and features the animals that the family keep on their farm. All of the family including grandchildren get involved in the running of the farm, so is great to have been able to personalise the laser cut design in this way.

It’s relatively straightforward to use this basic design layout and swap animals to suit your requirements so we do not charge for this service. In this case, the sheep didn’t fit in the main design so we have cut them out of the plate below. A fantastic personalised gift – our customers were delighted.

This sign has a bar above and below with a hand forged scroll, and is fixed in place due to the very windy location. We also offer this design as a swinging sign, hanging from only one bar at the top. The text is painted by hand in three layers, on both sides of the sign.

Swinging Farm Sign

George and Dragon Weathervane

weathervane insituA great photo of our George and Dragon weathervane insitu, a perfect gift for any proud English person. I’ve painted the St George’s Cross on the shield by hand, and gilded the Dragon’s tongue, tip of his tail and the tip of the spear to match the letters. This helps the weathervane to stand out beautifully; the customer is absolutely thrilled with it. A truly unique piece!

We now have a large number of weathervane designs available on our website but always welcome bespoke comissions.

Hand Painted Lambretta Weathervane

Lambretta Weathervane Lambretta Weathervane IMageWe’re really proud of this bespoke hand painted Lambretta scooter weathervane we produced back in January. It’s a wedding present for our customer’s daughter as both her and her now husband are big Lambretta fans. When our customer comissioned the weathervane, he provided us with some good quality photographs of the scooter, and also of the couple dressed in their mod style riding clothes so I had a very good idea of what the finished product needed to look like. There’s a huge amount of detail on the bike, all of which I wanted to capture! It was extremely time consuming, but as the photos I worked from were a decent quality, I was able to zoom in and copy it all. The difficulty was in putting the right clothes on the rider and pillion, and getting them in the exact right position, it genuinely did take ages but once we’ve taken on a job we always make sure it’s done to the best of our ability. A fantastic and truly personalised wedding gift, I know the customer is delighted and hope the recipients will be too.