Hand Forged Hooks

Hand Forged Hooks
Pointer HooksOur popular hand forged hooks can be customised with any laser cut design at the top, making them a fantastic personalised gift. We’ve produced loads of variations on both of the designs shown here, including several different breeds of dog, a female gardener, different plants, and the man hunting wearing all sorts of different hats! The hooks themselves are forged from 6mm round bar, with a rats tail end so they won’t snag on any clothes hung on them. The whole piece is powder coated matt black, giving a durable finish with a traditional look.

Jewellery Hooks

Bespoke Necklace hooks Jewellery Hooks ImageA customer contacted us through the website after admiring some of our key hooks, and wondered if we could produce something similar for her to hang necklaces on. This piece is 20 cm across, and has 8 hooks. It was quite a fiddly job getting the welding torch in between the hooks, due to them being so close together. Really pleased with the end result though! These jewellery hooks could make use of any of our designs, though I think the intricate nature of this Art Nouveau one is perfect for hanging necklaces.

Today we have spent mostly packaging, which I’m glad to have out the way! Several weathervanes are going out with the courier this evening, including a bespoke Tank design, and my favourite one; a Stag & Deer design. Hopefully we’ll get some more photos sent in for our gallery..

Hand Forged Coat Hooks

Gardening Design Coat HooksFishing Coat HooksBoth of these designs were bought at the Arley Hall craft fair as Christmas presents.  The lady who chose the gardening design was looking through our portfolio and started laughing when she got to this page. Not the usual response! She explained that it reminded her so much of her husband and their Labrador when he is in the garden.

The hooks are hand forged from 4mm steel, and are perfect for hanging coats, dog leads etc. Most of our designs can also be used for coat or key hooks – please enquire!

Black Fox Coat Hooks

Art Nouveau Coat HooksSheep & Collie Hand Forged Coat HooksTwo new designs for coat or tea towel hooks. Most of our weathervane or house sign designs can be produced in miniature for coat hooks, and are available now in our online shop. The hooks are hand forged from 4mm steel, and are finished with a durable matt black powder coating.

So tomorrow we are exhibiting at the reebok stadium craft fair in Bolton, an indoor event which will be nice!

Sheepdog Coat Hooks

Sheepdog Coat HooksDog House Name Plate

We’re exhibiting at the Wasdale Head shepherd’s meet and agriculture show tomorrow so I thought I’d use our sheep and collie design to produce some coat hooks. It was originally designed as a house name plate for a lady from the Hodder Valley show, but I really liked the design so got several cut. I think it works really well as part of these coat hooks too, but not sure how well the design would work as a weathervane. The hooks are hand forged and TIG welded to the steel plate behind, and will be powder coated matt black next week. Would also be good for hanging dog leads.

And the other photo shows the decorative half of a dachshund house name plate ordered at the Eskale show – ready to be welded to the steel name plate. So some plasma cutting to be done before we load up the van and drive up to Wasdale!

Horse Weathervane and much more!

Another busy week ahead in the Black Fox workshop – today we have made some Cat & Bird Key hooks for a customer in Cornwall, packaged up a horse weathervane ordered at the Stokesley show, and we’ve also been working on a design for an MGB GT house name sign.  I’ve been looking at shows to exhibit at in the run up to Christmas, found some really good ones that I am quite excited about.  We’ll be in Cumbria this weekend at the Wasdale Head show, assuming it isnt cancelled due to the weather, and possibly the Eleftheria craft fair in Penrith on Sunday.

And then tomorrow we’ll be spending the day in the workshop working on some bespoke floral art stands ordered last week, and also a very special wedding present – really looking forward to seeing this one finished!

Cat and Bird Key Hooks

Black Fox Weathervanes at the Stokesley Show



This afternoon we will be picking up our new weathervane design from the powder coaters before heading off the the Stokesley Agriculture show. Really excited to see it – the design is so ornate and beautiful. Very impressed with the detail of the laser cutting. The Cat and Bird design has been popular both as a house number plate and as key hooks, but does not work particularly well as a weathervane due to the majority of the surface area being in the centre (the bird bath), so I have re designed it with this in mind. The Cat sits at the back of the arrow bar and should catch the wind perfectly.

The Stokesley show is the biggest agriculture show Black Fox has exhibited at – its been going for 150 years and attracts around 10 000 visitors over the course of the weekend.

Finished Key Hooks

Here’s our finished Cat & Bird key hooks.  Available in the shop section of the website priced at £19.99.  The matt black powder coating looks really elegant, and is perfect for an indoor product. I did really like the look of the brass plated hooks though; maybe this is something we could look at having as an option.

I think this swans design would also be perfect for key hooks – will look at getting this laser cut next week.