Spirit of Ecstasy Weathervane

Spirit of Ecstasy Weathervane

Spirit of Ecstasy Weathervane

This weathervane design is based around the famous bonnet ornament found on Rolls Royce cars. The design shows a woman with her arms outstreched behind, and her robes billowing to form the shape of wings. This weathervane could make a fantastic gift for anyone with a passion for these prestigious cars.

Designed in around 1910 by the English sculptor Charles Sykes, this elegant mascot carries with it a story of hidden love between the Lord who commisioned it, and his secretary Eleanor, who he could not marry because of her lower social position.

All of our weathervanes are electroplated to protect against rust, and finished in a durable matt black powder coat. For further technical information such as sizes, fixings and optional extras, please read our weathervanes info and fixings info pages.



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