Best Selling Metalcraft

Designer hanging basket bracket.Sheep & Collie SignGun Dogs Weathervane in situThese were our best selling metalcraft products in 2012: The Sheep and Collie Farm Sign, Gun Dogs Weathervane and Black Fox hanging basket Bracket. This bracket, often ordered by people with the Sir name ‘Fox’ was the first design I did after setting up the business so really pleased that it has become so popular. The Sheep and Collie Farm sign was initially ordered as a bespoke design at the Hodder Valley Agriculture Show back in September, and based on its popularity we’re definitely going to work on other farm related designs such as Pigs in time for the next season of shows. The Gun Dogs weathervane was also an early design, and has been consistently popular and always commented on at all the shows we have been to. Really looking forward to the year ahead!

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