Classic Car Show

Just sent off the forms for exhibiting at the next Tatton Park Classic Car show, 18th & 19th August. Really excited about it! Will be working on designs for classic car weathervanes & house number signs this week, starting with a Morris Minor Traveller. Any other ideas please let me know – really looking forward to adding a range of car related designs. For now though, look at our pretty Morgan!

Scrap Metal Art

I was looking at photos of scrap metal art and funiture last night – these are fantastic. Not sure who the artist is as I found them online. One of my welding projects in college was a table made from a car wheel, its not very pretty but not bad for a first effort! Seeing these pieces inspired me to begin working with scrap again, so we have just taken apart an old drill given to us by my grandma that had died from overuse. The motor inside is really beautiful, I’m looking forward to turning it into something!

Bracket & Pole for Wall Hanging Tapestry

We picked these up from the powder coaters yesterday. They were designed for a wall hanging tapestry we’ve got at home – the two brackets fix to the wall and the pole rests on top much like a curtain pole. The brackets were cold forged by hand, and two solid balls welded to either end of the pole. I really like the classic simplicity of the design. We wanted a  more ‘blacksmithed’ looking finish to it, so we had them powder coated in matt black rather than the satin we normally use. You can’t tell properly from the photo but I think it looks really classy and I’ll definitely be using this again. This is a one off piece but if we were to start selling them, the cost would be around £25 – if you are interested in this or anything similar please enquire.

Morgan Weathervane

This is the first weathervane created based on our photos from the Tatton Park classic car show. I’ve replaced our traditional scrolls with the art deco inspired circle design; I think it really compliments the 1930s style of the Morgan. We are really looking forward to exhibiting at the next show (18th & 19th August), so many more designs like this to come!

This weathervane, and other similar designs are available in our online shop for £99 (miniature) £180 (medium) and £265 (large). 

House Number Plate

Here is our first house number plate. The large leaves are taken from a stop motion animation i worked on years ago, and the design as a whole was inspired by the work of late 19th century illustrator Aubrey Beardsley. It consists of a 3mm mild steel backplate, to which the 3mm thick design and numbers are welded. The whole piece is electroplated and powder coated matt black, and the design is then hand painted in cream.

Available in the Black Fox online shop for £105.00. Again, thanks to Tim Naylor for photography.

Dog Weathervanes

We are currently producing a range of weathervanes and house signs based on dogs. We can produce a design like this for any breed, and are happy to work from a photo of your pet.

The circle design on the letter bars was a bit of an experiment – I wanted to try different alternatives to the standard weathervane scrolls. I think it really works, giving a more modern feel to the design.

For a medium weathervane like this we charge £180 – this includes the required fixing bracket and postage. We can also produce a miniature version for £99 –  these are ideal for fixing to a shed or garage, and are available now in the Black Fox online shop.

Cheshire Show

We took another research trip yesterday, this time to the Cheshire show at Tabley. Really good day out, especially enjoyed watching the chainsaw carvers at work. Got loads of pictures of various farm animals, a number of breeds of dog, new and vintage tractors and even more classic cars! Plenty to be working with for new weathervane designs. Heres a photo of a John Deere tractor i am currently working with, hoping to turn it into a house or farm sign, maybe a weathervane too.

Gun Dogs Weathervane

This weathervane is based around the theme of Gun Dogs. If you have a hobby or interest you’d like to see in metalwork please let us know! Im really pleased with how this has turned out, especially the detail in the ferns, and having the majority of the surface area at the back of the design means it functions perfectly as a weathervane. Pictured here with our classic scrolls and arrow, this traditional weathervane is available from £149 in our online shop. Photography by Tim Naylor.

Classic Cars

We recently visited the classic car show at Tatton park one rainy Sunday morning. Took loads of photos of some very pretty old cars, with the aim of turning some of them into weathervane and house sign motifs. Below are two of my favourites. Any suggestions for cars you would like to see on a weathervane or house sign please let us know! Despite the awful weather and wet feet by the end of the day, we really enjoyed it and hope to be able to exhibit at the next show!

Triumph Bonneville

Here is an example of a custom order. This photo was sent in by a customer wanting a weathervane based on this photo of a rather beautiful motorbike. The first job is to turn the image from a photo into a dxf – basically a line drawing on the computer that a laser cutter will recognise. It took hours due to the amount of detail involved! Once the customer is happy, we then send the design off to be laser cut, which generally takes about a week. When the laser cut profile comes back to us, we TIG weld it all together, balancing the motif correctly to ensure it functions as a working weathervane. It can then be sent to be electroplated and powder coated. You can see the finished result below! Really pleased with how its come out – its amazing the detail a good laser cutter can get. I especially love where ‘Triumph’ is written on the tank. We really enjoy producing custom orders – its always a challenge working out a good design that the customer will be happy with, and it enables us to expand the range of weathervanes we can offer. This design can now also be used for a house sign or hanging basket bracket.