Fletcher & Foley

Black Fox is going to have a small display in this Florists in Sale Moor, Cheshire by the end of August! Have a look at their website. They also sell a some quality handmade gifts – well worth a look. We are going to display our garden obelisk weathervane and a small range of our house number plates and hanging basket brackets. So if you live locally do drop in and have a look around!

Classic Car Weathervane

Our friend Pete has just been to visit. Here is a photo of his very cool Wolseley Hornet outside our workshop. Its a lovely little car and so cheap to run, might well make one an addition to the Black Fox garage soon! We’re promoting and working on our range of classic car weathervanes and metal house number signs ready for the Tatton park show in mid August – i hope to be adding this one very soon, and fortunately in weathervane form it’s indistinguishable from a Riley Elf!  So far we’ve got the Morgan, Morris Minor Traveller, Aston Martin DB5, Austin Healey 3000, E- type Jaguar, TVR Cerbera and Triumph Bonneville.

Art Nouveau Metalwork

I’ve found some really beautiful railings in my Art Nouveau Decorative Ironwork book. It doesn’t give much detail other than that they are in France and the architect is M. Porche. I can’t find any information about him online, its a shame as id be really interested to see some of his other work. I love the way the majority of the design is quite simple and understated, then you get to the top and the butterflies really stand out.  This gate and railings has inspired me to work on a butterfly themed design for a decorative metal house sign. I’m looking forward to visiting the Manchester museum where they have a huge collection of butterflies – hopefully I’l get some good ideas there.

Black Fox

The rare and mysterious black fox, believed to bring bad luck to anyone who sees it. So why did we choose to name our metalcraft business after this animal? Not really sure now! I think they’re really beautiful creatures but their distinctive white tipped tail and thick black fur led to them being bred for their fur and any in the wild were hunted almost to extinction. I think maybe the element of mystery and legend surrounding them also attracted us.

A rare sighting was reported earlier this year; sadly the animal in question was found dead only a few days later. After studying it scientists believe it may have been a cross between a silver fox and a racoon dog, native to Russia. Possibly brought over here as a pet, the animal may have escaped. Here is a link to the BBC article on this sighting:


Aubrey Beardsley

The work of the late 19th century artist Aubrey Beardsley has been a great inspiration on our designs at Black Fox Metalcraft. He died at the age of 25,  can’t believe he produced so much inspirational work at such a young age. There’s a good in depth article about him here. I’ve always loved his work, I think his sense of line and composition is fantastic from an Illustration point of view, but more importantly for us this style lends itself perfectly to decorative metalwork. I’ve included photos of our Black Fox hanging basket bracket and house number plate to show where some of our inspiration has developed from. We are currently working on a full range of art nouveau metalwork products.

Custom Gates

We were asked by a customer to produce some driveway gates to match their existing pedestrian gate, check out this earlier post. And this is a photo of them being welded  last week.

So here are the results! We’ve had them electroplated and finished in a classy looking black powder coating – they should last for years to come. We dont normally do gates or railings, but thought this would be a really good project to try. It was difficult in terms of being very accurate with angles and sizes, and was also good practice for TIG welding in awkward positions. I think they look fantastic, really high quality and am very much looking forward to seeing them fitted.

Fence Post Hanging Basket Bracket

Here’s our latest Black Fox product; a hanging basket bracket designed for fixing to concrete fence posts. We’ve spent weeks debating the best way to make this fixing work – it turns out that all concrete fence posts are slightly different sizes. In the end we decided to use grubs screws to tighten either side of the bracket to the post. Looks like the workshop needs a bit of a tidy, but here’s a photo of Phiz using our new tap & die set to create the threaded holes on the side of the bracket, and me adjusting the laser cut design before welding it all together. Now available in our online shop.

John Deere Tractor Weathervane

This John Deere tractor weathervane is produced from the photo above, taken at the Cheshire show in June. I’l be posting soon about how this Black Fox weathervane was produced and all the work that went into it. This design can be hand painted in full colour to look exactly like the photo. Its available now in our online shop.


We can turn a photograph of any make or model of car, motorbike or tractor into a weathervane or house sign for no extra cost – we are currently working on our range of classic car designs ready for the Tatton Park show in August.

Black Fox Gallery Competition

We are keen to build up a gallery of products insitu – I really enjoy seeing the things we have made being used and enjoyed. We are asking all customers to please send in a photo of their Black Fox product for the chance to win a £30 voucher at the end of the year. Our favourite photo wins! These are the first two to come in, purchased recently by a customer in Cheshire. I particularly like the Obelisk photo – its great to see how it compliments this garden.  I’d be interested to see the Obelisk again next summer when the plants have had a chance to grow up it.

Obelisk Weathervane

This is our Black Fox Obelisk. Made from solid square and round bar, it is stable and built to last. It is both a functional and decorative garden feature, with the weathervane on top giving it a unique twist. It was hard work to produce – making 3 perfect hexagons was a challenge, as was bending each curve to exactly the same shape. We spent some time looking into the idea of decoration in copper wire, and experimenting with plasma cutting leaf shapes. After much debate, we decided to leave the obelisk design quite plain as we felt this would compliment the plants that it will eventually support. It is finished with a matt black powder coating as standard, giving this piece the understated look of classic black iron work. We can produce an obelisk with any weathervane motif – if you are interested please contact us to discuss your ideas. Available now in our online shop!