Black Fox in the papers again!

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Another article telling the Black Fox story was featured in the Oldham chronicle last week.

The photo was taken in our showroom, and features our fox weathervane, and in the background our Aston Martin and Austin Healey 3000 weathervanes.

And here is a photo taken in our workshop – that’s me MIG welding.

E Type Jag Weathervane featured in Motorsport Magazine

Classic Car WeathervaneBlack Fox has been featured in the November issue of Motorsport magazine!  It shows an image of our E – Type Jaguar Weathervane on their ‘desirables’ page – basically a page of really cool high quality classic car themed gifts.

And now we are just packaging the latest cockerel weathervane order, to be sent out on Monday with a couple of house sign orders.  The van is packed up ready for the Eskdale Agriculture Show – its a much smaller event than Stokesley but still really looking forward to it.

Bespoke Coat Hooks

Miniature Dinghy Coat HooksAfter an issue with sizing during the laser cutting process, we ended up with this tiny version of our boat weathervane design, so we’ve used it to produce these coat or tea towel hooks.  The hooks are hand forged in the Black Fox workshop, and it is TIG welded together.  We can produce coat hooks using most of our weathervane or house sign designs, or even produce a completely bespoke metalwork design.  Now available for purchase in our online shop.

Boat Weathervane

Boat WeathervaneThis is our first boat weathervane designs. It was ordered at one of the car shows last month as a bespoke design, and is now available in our online shop.  I really love to see a design go from an idea or enquiry from a customer to a finished product – its very rewarding to go through the whole process.  We can produce a design for a weathervane or house sign based on any boat – we are eager to expand our range so please contact us if you have any ideas.

Bespoke Hand Painted House Name Plate

Hand Painted MetalworkBespoke Hand Painted House Name PlateBespoke Hand Painted House Name PlateThis afternoon I’ve been hand painting this bespoke house name plate. Its made from two layers of 3mm steel welded together.  After being electroplated and powder coated, the detail and house name are then hand painted in cream.  Will take another coat of paint to finish it tomorrow, when I will put the design in our online shop.  We think it would make a perfect house warming gift!

We actually took this order at one of the car shows we exhibited at – we were asked if it would be possible to produce our art nouveau house number sign as a rectangle so a house name could be fitted in rather than just numbers.  So I altered the design a bit, and I think it works perfectly in this shape.  We have already had an enquiry about re producing it in stainless steel.

Plasma Cutting House Number Plates

Here’s some photos from the workshop today. Phiz has been plasma cutting the steel plates needed for the two house number signs ordered at the weekend. It’s just a small hand held plasma cutter we use – not capable of cutting the detail you see on our weathervane motifs but perfect for simple shapes. So he has cut these two rectangles, tidied up the edges using the bench grinder and then I have welded them all together. He’s also plasma cut a more traditional tail for the cockerel weathervane.

So now time to weld together the horse and cockerel weathervanes and hopefully get them to the electroplaters before the end of the day.

Bespoke Metalwork at the Stokesley Show

Bespoke Weathervanes and Farm Signs

We had a fantastic day at the Stokesley agriculture show yesterday. After a very frosty but bright start to the day, we were set up by 9am and the crowds poured in soon after. It was busy all day and the weather was beautiful – we really didn’t have time to have a proper look around the showground at all. Was the most successful show we’ve done this summer so well worth the two hour drive there and back. We’ve had an order for a bespoke farm sign and weathervane, and also a Harley Davidson Weathervane, so I’l be spending a lot of next week doing design work which is quite exciting. Also great to have orders placed for a cockerel weathervane, a horse weathervane and two labrador themed house number plates that we already have in stock, so should be able to get these sent out to our customers at the end of the week.

I met a very friendly Alpaca being walked around on a lead – really beautiful and tame animal. When I’v got the orders sorted from the weekend I’l be looking into design ideas for alpaca weathervanes and house signs. Very busy week ahead – will definitely be back in Stokesley next year!

Black Fox Weathervanes at the Stokesley Show



This afternoon we will be picking up our new weathervane design from the powder coaters before heading off the the Stokesley Agriculture show. Really excited to see it – the design is so ornate and beautiful. Very impressed with the detail of the laser cutting. The Cat and Bird design has been popular both as a house number plate and as key hooks, but does not work particularly well as a weathervane due to the majority of the surface area being in the centre (the bird bath), so I have re designed it with this in mind. The Cat sits at the back of the arrow bar and should catch the wind perfectly.

The Stokesley show is the biggest agriculture show Black Fox has exhibited at – its been going for 150 years and attracts around 10 000 visitors over the course of the weekend.

Bespoke House Name Plate

At one of the shows recently we had an order for this art nouveau house sign but as a rectangle, and with a house name in it. It is their house’s 100th birthday this year and they wanted to commemorate that. It’s a really nice idea and looks fantastic – I really hope they’re pleased with it. It will be powder coated matt black and then the detail hand painted in cream. We have also had an enquiry about getting this design done in stainless steel, which would look great too – I am currently looking into it.

Just waiting for the courier to collect a cockerel weathervane and take it to Bristol, and also working on a design for a bird of prey weathervane. And then I’v got plenty of welding to be getting on with in the workshop. Busy Day!