Art Nouveau House Number Plate

This is our Art Nouveau house number plate in it’s various forms. I’ve put this up because when looking at it pre – electroplating and powdercoating, it occurred to me how good it would look in stainless steel. A modern twist to this Art Nouveau inspired design. At least one of our regular laser cutters will engrave into stainless, I’ll try to get a quote for it this week and see if it is something we could realistically offer.

The number 12 and 54 have come back from being electroplated and powder coated today. Phiz lightly sanded the surface to give the red primer something to stick to, and I’m just about to paint the first coat of cream. I think it looks great in red too – I really like this design and would love to experiment with the colours we are using. I’ve actually just re designed this as a rectangle in order to fit a house name in the centre, it’s being laser cut this week.

Bespoke Flower Arranging Stands

This is one of several bespoke flower arranging stands we are producing for a customer in Cheshire. It is 4ft high, and can be dismantled for easy transportation. The base and top are identical, and are joined by four lengths of square hollow section. It is Tig welded, and will be electroplated later in the week, when we go to pick up several house signs and hanging basket brackets we dropped off last week.

The main difficulty I had with this job was welding the 1.2mm thick metal to the 10mm square bar – when the amps were too high the thinner material burnt through, but if they were too low the thicker metal did not melt enough to form a decent weld. So it took a while getting it right – holding the torch at the correct angle so that most of the heat went into the thicker metal was key here. We are really pleased with the results – looks very professional and should last for years.

Black Fox Weathervanes in the Hodder Valley

Photos from the Hodder Valley Agriculture show. A fantastic way to spend a Saturday – our Fox and Horse weathervanes silhouetted against the bright blue sky  illustrate this perfectly. As well as being a success in terms of taking orders and getting enquiries for our weathervanes and house signs, we really enjoyed it too. Had the best sausages ever, loads of different animals on show and a great display of vintage tractors.

We’ve had two orders and several enquiries relating to sheep / shepherd / collie weathervanes and business signs. Its been on my list to do a design like this for a while now, I absolutely love collies so will really enjoy this one. I’ve also taken some photos of sheep and cattle that will be great for producing silhouettes from.

Black Fox in the press again!

Here’s a link to another article about the story behind Black Fox Metalcraft, this time in the Warrington Guardian. A really nice article! We’ve had a long and busy day today – made a cockerel weathervane for a customer in Bristol, started work on a bespoke flower arranging stand, designed a gothic hanging basket bracket after an enquiry through our website, and also started work on the products for our stand at the Trebaron garden centre.

Cat Weathervane Design

When we did this Cat and Bird design, we realized it wouldn’t really be suitable for a weathervane because the majority of the surface area would be in the middle, meaning that the wind would not catch it easily in order to make it spin.  I have re worked the design today so that the cat, which will sit over the edge of the bar, is the largest area of metal within the design. So the weathervane should now spin easily. But any thoughts on the new design itself?  I’d be really interested to hear any feedback and make any improvements to this design before I send it to the laser cutters.

Hodder Valley Show

Having exhibited at three car shows this summer, we thought it’s time to try something different. This weekend Black Fox will be at an agricultural event in Lancashire, the Hodder Valley show. We’d love to expand our range of countryside themed weathervanes and house signs – I did the Cockerel hen & chicks design last week and have a couple of ideas in mind to start work on this week. 

The Tractor weathervane was based on a photo I took at the Cheshire show earlier in the year – we’ll be looking to get some photos of different tractors this weekend. I’d also really like to design a sheepdog / shepherd weathervane, so will be looking for ideas at the show. As always, fingers crossed for the weather!

Finished Key Hooks

Here’s our finished Cat & Bird key hooks.  Available in the shop section of the website priced at £19.99.  The matt black powder coating looks really elegant, and is perfect for an indoor product. I did really like the look of the brass plated hooks though; maybe this is something we could look at having as an option.

I think this swans design would also be perfect for key hooks – will look at getting this laser cut next week.