Harley Davidson Weathervane

Harley Davidson WeathervaneLaser Cut Harley DavidsonThis is our Harley Davidson weathervane finished and ready to go.  We’re really pleased to see this design finished.  It’s based on the XL 1200 X model but we can produce a design for a weathervane or house sign based on any motorbike.  I think the classic arrow and letter bars suit it perfectly – definitely the options I would have chosen.

Phiz is packaging it now ready to be sent out this afternoon with a gun dogs weathervane, and I’l be starting the gold leaf on our Cat and Bird Weathervane and also hand painting a sheep and collie house sign.

Weathervanes in Wasdale Head

Weathervanes in CumbriaCat & Bird Weathervane in CumbriaA beautiful place to be selling our weathervanes and house signs!  We spent Saturday at the Wasdale Head Agriculture show, and Sunday at a small craft fair in Penrith, which was thankfully an indoor event.  Wasn’t the most profitable weekend ever but easily covered our costs, met some really nice people and had a fantastic couple of days.  The location of the show was stunning, and we especially enjoyed watching the Terrier racing.  Orders from the weekends events included a Triumph house sign, a new design of coat hooks, and a weathervane with our cockerel, hen and chicks design.  The craft fair was a really quiet event which was a shame because there were some very talented people there.  But was at least warm and dry for a change!

So today we have a few orders to pick up from the powder coaters and send out before the end of the day – really looking forward to seeing the Harley Davidson weathervane complete!

Sheepdog Coat Hooks

Sheepdog Coat HooksDog House Name Plate

We’re exhibiting at the Wasdale Head shepherd’s meet and agriculture show tomorrow so I thought I’d use our sheep and collie design to produce some coat hooks. It was originally designed as a house name plate for a lady from the Hodder Valley show, but I really liked the design so got several cut. I think it works really well as part of these coat hooks too, but not sure how well the design would work as a weathervane. The hooks are hand forged and TIG welded to the steel plate behind, and will be powder coated matt black next week. Would also be good for hanging dog leads.

And the other photo shows the decorative half of a dachshund house name plate ordered at the Eskale show – ready to be welded to the steel name plate. So some plasma cutting to be done before we load up the van and drive up to Wasdale!

Harley Davidson Weathervane

Bit of a boring office and accounts type day today, but have made some progress on some floral art stands ordered last week, and sold a labrador weathervane. We’re also looking at designing a JCB weathervane after an enquiry this morning, and tomorrow I’ll be working on a design for a farm sign based on a Lincoln Red Cow and calf.  And we should be able to pick up the new designs from the powder coaters – really looking forward to seeing them, especially the Harley Davidson Weathervane!

Heres another little article about the creation of Black Fox Metalcraft written by Stockport College where I studied Illustration. Was nice to discover that online today!


Horse Weathervane and much more!

Another busy week ahead in the Black Fox workshop – today we have made some Cat & Bird Key hooks for a customer in Cornwall, packaged up a horse weathervane ordered at the Stokesley show, and we’ve also been working on a design for an MGB GT house name sign.  I’ve been looking at shows to exhibit at in the run up to Christmas, found some really good ones that I am quite excited about.  We’ll be in Cumbria this weekend at the Wasdale Head show, assuming it isnt cancelled due to the weather, and possibly the Eleftheria craft fair in Penrith on Sunday.

And then tomorrow we’ll be spending the day in the workshop working on some bespoke floral art stands ordered last week, and also a very special wedding present – really looking forward to seeing this one finished!

Cat and Bird Key Hooks

Bespoke Weathervanes

Laser cut bespoke weathervanesWeathervane letter barsWeathervane BracketsJust taken this massive amount of Black Fox metalwork up to Oldham electroplaters!  A Harley Davidson weathervane, a gothic style hanging basket bracket, Red Kite weathervane, sheep & collie house name plate, cat & bird weathervane and a gun dogs weathervane.  All with their chosen letter bars and bespoke fixings – its been a busy week in the workshop!  They are a mix of orders from the Stokesley and Eskdale agriculture shows, and a couple through our website.  The Harley and Red Kite weathervanes, the sheep & collie house signs and the gothic hanging basket bracket are all bespoke designs – fantastic to see them go from ideas / enquiries to a finished product.  Really looking forward to getting it all back, and the new designs added to the website.

Floral Art Stands

Floral Art BasketCollapsible Floral Art Stand

Extendable Floral Art StandWe have launched the new section on our website, Floral Art Stands!  We already have several bespoke orders and enquiries, which will be added to the site and available for purchase over the coming weeks.

All of our floral art stands are electroplated to prevent rusting, and can be powder coated matt black if required. They are also TIG welded; this method of welding is neater and more precise, and therefore far less noticeable than the more commonly used MIG.

We visited the Southport Flower Arranging show back in July, there were some fantastic designs on display there – please have a look at this earlier post to see the kind of things these stands can be used for!  We are really excited about expanding our range of flower arranging stands and frames so please contact us on 0161 681 4293 to discuss your ideas.

New Laser Cut Designs

Bespoke Laser Cut DesignsOur new laser cut designs have arrived ; a Red Kite weathervane, Sheep & Collie House Name Plate, Harley Davidson weathervane and a gothic hanging basket bracket. We will be spending the day in the workshop plasma cutting and welding – hopefully get all of these finished and off to the electroplaters by the end of the afternoon. I am especially looking forward to seeing the Harley Davidson weathervane finished – we’re really pleased with this design.

Art Nouveau House Name Plate

Art Nouveau House Number PlateBespoke House Name Sign DesignBespoke  Art Nouveau House Name PlaqueWe were at a car show last month and a couple asked if we could produce our art nouveau house number sign as a rectangle to fit their house name in. Their house name was replaced by a number several years ago when more houses were built on the street, and it is 100 years old this year so they wanted something to commemorate that.

So I re did the art nouveau design for them to fit around a rectangle, offering several different ways of displaying the ‘1912’ where the flower was on the circular design. This house name plaque is made up of two layers of 3mm  mild steel welded together. The back being just a rectangular plate, and the front is the laser cut design.  It is electroplated to prevent rusting, and then powder coated matt black, with the detail and house name being hand painted in cream to finish it.

We had an email from the customer this morning saying that the sign had arrived and how pleased they are with it.  Its really nice to go from an idea and through the whole design process to come out with a beautiful product that the customer is really happy with!

This unique house name plate is now available in our online shop, and can be cut with either the flower, or with a date in its place.  We can also alter the size to accommodate a longer name.