Vintage Motorcycle House Sign

Vintage Motorcycle House SignThis vintage motorcycle house sign is one of our favourite designs. It’s based on a Velocette KSS 350 with fishtail exhaust. It was a bespoke design done for a customer we met at an agriculture show in September. The detail, especially around the spokes is fantastic, and you can even see the shape of the cooling fins on the engine. As always the name is hand painted on, with a layer of primer followed by several coats of outdoor white. We’re really proud of this design and think it would make  fantastic gift for anyone with an interest in old bikes.

Busy day today  –  several things to finish making, including a miniature swinging sign with a Mustang design, before we drop a Lion weathervane off with a customer in Mobberley, Cheshire. And then we’re exhibiting at the Bridgewater School craft fair in Worsely on Sunday.

Bespoke Business Signs

Bespoke Business SignThis bespoke business sign was designed and made for ‘Little Caterpillar’, a child minding business in Bolton. It was ordered at a craft fair at the Reebok Stadium a couple of weeks ago. We redesigned the bracket for the customer as they weren’t too keen on the scroll design we previously offered with this product. We also welded the hoops closed, making the sign as difficult to steal as possible. It’s the first in our range of hand painted in colour designs. I’ve used a coat of primer, then white undercoat, followed by several layers of outdoor paint so will be very durable and weather resistant.

We can produce a bespoke miniature business, house or farm sign, in colour or just as a black silhouette, with any design in place of the caterpillar – please contact us for a quote.

Hand Painted Business Sign

Obelisk with Weathervane

Garden Feature - ObeliskObelisk WeathervaneI came across several of these fantastic Obelisks in the gardens of Capesthorne Hall in Cheshire. It’s so elegant and unique without being over the top. A really beautiful and effective design – it reminds me of a Roman pillar or something. And here’s a photo sent in by a customer of their Obelisk weathervane. There’s a fox on top but we could use any design. You can buy so many standard looking cheap Obelisks in any garden centre – we wanted to be a little different so went for the hexagonal shape which curves gently into the weathervane top. Obelisks are a great way to add a bit of height and decoration to your garden, and we think the more unique and personal the better.

Capesthorne Hall, Cheshire

Capesthorne Hall, CheshireOrnate Wrought Iron GatesThis beautiful stately home in Cheshire is where we spent our weekend. Despite being a really busy event, it was far from being our most successful show, but we have taken a few orders and will be working on some new bespoke metalwork designs over the next few days.  We exhibited our classic car weathervanes here over summer where we were rained on all day, so was nice to be inside a heated marquee.  Orders include an Alsation House Sign, a miniature swinging sign with our black fox logo design, and another bespoke house name plate with the design yet to be decided. I managed to have  a quick look around the grounds this weekend, I’m glad I did because there is some fantastic Ironwork. These gates are a bit over the top for my personal taste – there can’t be many houses grand enough to suit them, but the amount of work that must have gone into them is very impressive.

I also managed to make a lot of progress with some of the hand painted farm and business signs we’re working on at the moment – the paint dried much quicker here than it has been doing in our freezing cold workshop!

Classic Car Weathervanes Abroad

Austin Healey 3000 WeathervaneWe’ve had two overseas orders this week – both classic car weathervanes! After a feature in a Dutch car magazine, someone has ordered our Austin Healey 3000 weathervane to Holland, and our first ‘hand painted in colour’ Morgan weathervane is going to New York. Fantastic and unusual gifts for a classic car enthusiast. I am really looking forward to painting the Morgan, will be a really nice addition to our portfolio of designs.

In other news, we’re exhibiting at Capesthorne hall in Cheshire this weekend – a Christmas craft fair starting on the Friday night which is a little unusual. We did a classic car show there over summer, where we were rained on for most of the day and as a result it was a very quiet day. We’re in a marquee this weekend at least, hopefully will be a better turn out!

E type Jaguar Weathervanes

Series 1 E Type WeathervaneSeries 3 E type Jaguar WeathervaneAfter our E type Jaguar weathervane was featured in Motorsport magazine, we had a phone call from a lady asking if we could do a series 1 rather than the series 3 that our original design was based on.  So we altered the grill and headlights to match the design of a series 1, and also worked on the angle of the vehicle so that it fits better on the bar, with all its wheels being level.  Both weathervanes are instantly recognisable as being E type Jaguars, and we look forward to expanding our range of classic car weathervanes further. Fantastic Christmas gifts for classic car enthusiasts!

Hand Forged Coat Hooks

Gardening Design Coat HooksFishing Coat HooksBoth of these designs were bought at the Arley Hall craft fair as Christmas presents.  The lady who chose the gardening design was looking through our portfolio and started laughing when she got to this page. Not the usual response! She explained that it reminded her so much of her husband and their Labrador when he is in the garden.

The hooks are hand forged from 4mm steel, and are perfect for hanging coats, dog leads etc. Most of our designs can also be used for coat or key hooks – please enquire!

Animals in Motion

Eadweard Muybridge I’ve recently re discovered a couple of books I had when I was at college studying animation. They’re by a Victorian photographer called Eadweard Muybridge, who studied the movement of people and animals. They consist of a series of photographs of animals in every stage of motion and are a fantastic resource for my design work, really glad I found them again!  I have been working on a design for a bespoke pub sign involving a horse and cart, and I want to have a hops & barley design going around the Horse & Cart. There is still quite a lot of work still to do but we’re really excited to see it finished -think it could become one of our favourites.  I’ve also used  these books this week to produce designs for an elephant weathervane.

Morris Minor Weathervane

Somebody we met at the Stokesley agriculture show has very kindly posted a link to our website on the Morris Minor owners club site, with a photo of our Morris Minor Traveller weathervane. It has been very much admired at all the shows, and is available as a house sign or coat hooks too. Would make a great Christmas gift for a classic car enthusiast.Morris Minor Weathervane


Bespoke House & Farm Signs

Bespoke House & Farm SignsWe’re getting very busy in the run up to Christmas! Our last date for guaranteed Christmas delivery is 20th November – anything after that we’ll try our best but can’t promise.

Here’s two hand painted signs I’ve been working on today – a Velocette vintage motorbike house sign and a sheepdog farm sign. Both with the layer of primer done, hoping they’ll dry so I can get the first coat of white done before the end of the day.