Bespoke House Name Plate

The Riddle - House Name SignHere’s another bespoke house name sign sent out this week.  We met this customer at a craft fair in Cheshire, and after seeing an image in our portfolio of the ‘Swallow House Cottage’ design that we were working on at the time,  they emailed us a photo of their sons house and asked for a design based on that. The house had recently been named ‘ The Riddle’ by their 3 year old child, and thought it would make a really nice Christmas present.  From a design point of view I liked the way the house has a central door and windows either side – very like the way a child would draw it, and I think the symmetry of it works well with the circular backplate.

Swallow House Cottage – Bespoke House Sign

Bespoke House Name SignWe’ve had an insanely busy week getting Christmas orders out. Most were able to be dispatched yesterday, and there’s a few more to go out before the end of the week. Looking forward to uploading the new weathervane and house sign designs onto our online shop – here is one of them for now. The customer sent in a rough sketch of this design. We hadn’t thought to have the laser cut profile in the centre with the writing around the outside, so makes a nice variation from our existing range of house name signs.

We plasma cut the circular plate in the workshop, and welded the swallows on form the back. It’s electroplated & powder coated as usual, and then the text is hand painted in cream.

Tall Ship House Number Plate

Tall Ship House Number PlateHere’s our latest house number plate design – based on The Lord Nelson Tall Ship. It’s a bespoke design that is now available in our online shop.  I’m in the process of painting red and green outlines around the numbers to represent Port and Starboard. We love this design and are really looking forward to delivering it to our customers on Wednesday! It’s quite a tall image and think it would look fantastic on a weathervane.

Busy week in the workshop!

Weathervanes, House Signs, Bespoke MetalworkMiniature Swinging SignAlsation House Number PlateThis is what we’ve been making over the last couple of days! All going to be electroplated & powder coated tomorrow. Several new designs for weathervanes and house signs which is really exciting – can’t wait to get them all back next week. At least 5 of them need hand painting, along with the wedding sign post and Morgan weathervane so will be a busy week again! But thankfully it is largely work I can do at home and keep warm – the workshop has been unbelievably cold the last few days.

I love our Alsation house sign, ordered at a craft fair in Cheshire. We’re thinking about offering a range of ‘Beware of the Dog’ signs starting with this design. I think the most unusual product we’ve made is the rectangular Art Nouveau house name sign with an MGB GT welded on top.  When the customer requested this bespoke design I was a little unsure as to how it would look but surprisingly works really well.

Golden Eagle House Number Plate

Eagle House Number PlateThis bespoke house number plate was ordered from a craft fair in Bolton last month. The design is based on a Golden Eagle in flight. We’ve welded it to a steel plate for extra security, and the customer has painted it to to match the wall so its barely noticeable. The eagle silhouette and number stands out beautifully – thanks for this one! Our bespoke house number plates are becoming really popular and we’ve got a few more designs to upload to the shop later in the week.

Bespoke House Number Plates

Digger House Number PlateWe’ve had some unusual orders for bespoke house name and number plates such as this Digger – based on a JCB 3CX. I’ll be hand painting it in the distinctive JCB yellow tomorrow..

Such a busy day in the workshop today. A batch of laser cut designs arrived first thing and we’re trying to get everything made this week so I can concentrate on painting next week, and get everything out in time for Christmas. Will post some photos tomorrow of everything we have made!