Alsatian Weathervanes & House Signs

German Shepherd House Number SignGerman Shepherd WeathervaneThis was originally a bespoke design ordered at the Capesthorne Hall craft fair just before Christmas. With our house number signs, we normally weld the numbers on from the back, but on this occasion the customer asked for them to be  hand painted on much larger, as her driveway was quite long and she wanted people to be able to read the number from the road. The design shows the distinctive silhouette of an Alsatian, or German Shepherd stood in a patch of ferns. We can produce a bespoke design like this based on any breed of dog for a weathervane or house sign, please contact us for more information. We also think this design would make a fantastic ‘Beware of the Dog’ Sign.

Large Swinging Farm Sign

Large swinging signWe made this large bespoke swinging farm sign last week. It’s 2 ft by 3 ft, and will sit on a 10 ft high pole. Weighs quite a lot! The design is based on our customers beautiful gates made by a local Blacksmith. I originally began by working from images of traditional wooden countryside gates, but when we saw these we thought they are such a distinctive feature of the farm that they should be incorporated into the design. We hope to get the sign back from the electroplaters in the next day or so, when I’l be able to begin the hand painting of ‘Whitegate Farm’.

We’ve actually got another couple of smaller swinging signs to weld up today – one with a little dinghy on it and the other is a bespoke design of a horse, similar to our Black Fox Metalcraft swinging sign. It’ll be displayed at some stables near Worsely, Manchester.


Horse & Cart House Name Sign

Horse & Cart Metal House SignWe were recently contacted by a customer who lives in a converted 18th century pub, and was looking for a bespoke house sign that would reflect the buildings past, without being too obvious. Her initial idea was something involving three barrels, but after researching into the area’s history a little, and also reading information about 18th century pubs, we came up with the Horse & Cart idea. It looked great on its own, but I wanted to try something a little more decorative. The design framing the horse & cart is based around Hops & Barley plants, which of course are used in the beer making process. We love this design, because the initial idea from the customer was quite vague, but I think we have come up with exactly what she was after.

Fox Swinging Sign

Fox Swinging SignFox Swinging Sign in situ

This swinging sign design incorporates a variation of our Black Fox logo. We delivered this to Liverpool just before Christmas, and the customer has sent in a photo of the sign in situ. This is what she had to say about it:

“Hi Jenny & Team,

Just to say Thank you so much for the beautiful sign you made for the house. It looks wonderful and lots of friends and neighbours have commented on how great it looks. Its even better than I cold have imagined, and the quality is excellent.”

Its fantastic to get emails like this – makes all the hard work very much worthwhile!

New Classic Car Weathervane

Humber 12 WeathervaneHumber 12 Weathervane Close UpHappy New Year to everyone! We’re back in the workshop now after a really nice few days off. The Christmas rush was fantastic and exciting but very glad to be working more normal hours again, and also to have a tidy & organized workshop again! We’ve had several emails from very happy customers which definitely makes all the hard work worthwhile.  Here’s one of our bespoke metalwork designs ordered as a Christmas present – a Humber 12 Weathervane. I think we met this customer at the Tatton Park Classic Car show, which was actually our first show – really nice that he remembered us from the middle of Summer. Most of the classic car weathervanes we have designed have been 1960s cars so we were pleased to be working on a much earlier model, I think its a great addition to our range. We experimented with having the Humber mascot on the front, exactly as it is on the cars, but we decided it would have been far too delicate, and wouldn’t really be visible once its on the roof, so we left it off in the end. This design was a joint effort, and we’re both really happy with it.

We’ve got loads of new designs to upload into the shop over the next few days, and we’ll be planning all the shows for the year ahead which is very exciting 🙂