Swinging Farm Sign

Sheep, Collie and Shepherd Farm SignI finished this swinging farm sign yesterday; it is now being electroplated. The sign shows a sheep and shepherd with his border collie, and will be going to Holland. We met the customers at an agriculture show in Lancashire, where they admired our Black Fox swinging sign. They wanted something similar producing for their home, where they breed working Collies. The art nouveau style design decorating the top of the sign is based around our hanging basket bracket, a bespoke design done for a local customer last summer.

Boat Swinging House Sign

Swinging house sign with post fixing.Just painted the final coat on this small swinging house sign. The boat design was originally produced as a weathervane for a couple we met at a car show over summer. It has since become popular as coat hooks, and looks fantastic here as a swinging sign too. I really like the simplicity of this design with its fixing. The bracket is designed to be attached to a post or another horizontal surface, and the hoops are welded together for security. This order was actually a bit of repeat custom for us – the customer’s brother had been given one of our house signs as a present, and it was very much admired by the family when they visited over Christmas.

We’ll be doing our first show of the year this weekend – ┬áthe Littleborough Farmers market and craft fair. Its relatively local for us, and we’re really looking forward to getting out there again.

Stainless Steel Farm Signs

'Fferm Fach' laser cut into Stainless SteelThis farm sign was laser cut in stainless steel for a customer in South Wales.’Fferm Fach’ means ‘Little Farm’ in Welsh.┬áThe sign measures approximately 45 cm x 15 cm, and will eventually be housed in a handmade oak box. With lights behind it, it will hang in the front window of the house. I think the modern, clean look of the stainless steel contrasts perfectly with the old fashioned text the customer asked for, and we’d love to see more of our designs cut in stainless steel. Very much looking forward to seeing a photo of this design finished and in situ.

Swinging Farm Sign

Swinging Farm Sign - Horse DesignClose up of Farm SignThis swinging farm sign was bought as a gift for someone who has horses and stables near Manchester. The customer had seen us at a show just before Christmas, and loved our Black Fox Metalcraft sign. She wanted something similar but with a side profile of a horse. It was quite difficult to find a suitable image; I think the final design in the end was made up of several different images. So the laser cutting and making of this sign was fairly straightforward, hand painting the text was difficult though just because of the cold – my paint was thick and really difficult to work with, especially for the smaller text at the bottom.

We’ve just had another swinging farm sign ordered this week. The design is a sheep, border collie and shepherd, and will be going to Holland as soon as its ready.