Fine Spring Weather

There we were thinking the weather was against us, it’s the start of our show season for the year and against all odds it’s snowing… in late March?!  It’s a hard task selling metalwork at shows where a large number of customers don’t make it due to the weather and those that do are virtually too numb to talk.  So you can imagine how pleased we were when this image popped up in our inbox!

Series 1 E-Type weathervane

A Dramatic sky, snow on the roof and the weathervane indicating an easterly wind.

This photo was taken by a customer who received his weathervane as a Christmas present from his daughter.  It’s a great example of the actual functionality of weathervanes.   The snow on the roof and the sail pointing steadfastly to the east, gives a great indication of what is happening.  The moody sky in the background shows the black silhouette perfectly.

Even here at Black Fox we accept that generally weathervanes are firstly considered based on aesthetics and secondly on function but we always make sure ours are correctly balanced to work accurately.  Given the recent bizarre weather we have all been experiencing I guess that weather is on everyone’s mind, I’d think people are checking their weathervanes all over the country at the moment.  It’s good to be able to get this kind of actual connection with the weather rather than depending on the forecasters at the Met Office!



Custom Saxophone Bracket

Custom Hanging basket bracketLoving our new Saxophone hanging basket bracket! Our customer ordered it for her friend who is a keen gardener and also Saxophonist. It’s based on our Fox bracket, but I have obviously swapped the Fox for a Saxophone and altered the design a bit to fit around the instrument. It will be available soon in our online shop, as both an indoor and outdoor bracket.

Its our first proper show of the year on Sunday, up in Lytham St Annes. We’ve painted the display board white and have several new display models so really looking forward to seeing it all put together!

New Floral Art Stands

Flower arranging standView above floral art frameFlower Arranging Stand imageAngle view custom floral art standTwo new floral art stands, finished this week for a customer in Cheshire. The first is a hollow box section frame approximately 24″ square, with removable legs and bars. The second constists of two circles that screw together into a removable base – the larger circle being around in 24″ diameter and the smaller 16″, and this both come with mesh to match. The rough idea for these stands came from our customer, and we then worked out the best way to make them. Making the circles was a challenge initially because we didn’t have the correct jigs for bending the correct size circles. Once we had sorted this out, it was relatively straightforward, and wouldn’t be a problem to re produce. These flower arranging stands are lightweight, as all the parts are removable, therefore making them easy to transport and re assemble.

We now have a page on the website dedicated to up and coming events where you can find us exhibiting our metalwork, and also another new page containing links to other websites that may be of interest.