Bespoke Spitfire Weathervane

Weathervane image Close Up Weathervane PhotoThis bespoke design was done for a customer who contacted us through the website, this weathervane was a gift for her husband’s birthday. The idea of having the Spitfire flying over rooftops was hers, which I think is so much more interesting than just having the plane alone. I chose to draw deliberately English, quite old fashioned looking chimneys, – modern buildings would have looked very out of place with a vintage plane like this. When the design arrived back from the laser cutters initially, we felt we had got the dimensions slightly wrong; it was just a little too small for a weathervane. It would be perfect as a house number plate though so will keep hold of it. We think the plane would look great painted in full colour, so if I get time I’ll use the smaller spare to create a new display item.

Our Black Fox Weathervane

weathervane insitu photo Photo Taken in Failsworth

Here’s our very own Black Fox weathervane, finally mounted on the roof of our workshop, showing off a rare blue sky over Failsworth! Its a medium size, which suits the large single storey building perfectly – the detail around the tail is clearly visible which is really important in a design like this. We’ve had these letter bars lying around for ages now, this was my first attempt at gilding the cardinal points. I didn’t think I had done a particularly good job at first, but seeing them from this view, any problems I thought we had are not at all noticeable. I’ve actually been gold leafing cardinal points today for a Scottish Ramant Lion weathervane, they’re looking really good – a much better job than I did on ours, but annoyingly we ran out of gold leaf with about 1 cm left to gild. More has been ordered and I will get it finished over the next couple of days!

Bespoke Swinging Sign – Pegasus

Swinging Sign ImageFarm Sign Photo

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis Pegasus swinging sign is one of our favourite new products. The customer contacted us through the website asking for a bespoke  swinging farm sign with a Pegasus on it. So I did a couple of designs, one using vines quite similiar to the those on our logo, and another where the  horse appeared rising up from the waves. The customer wasn’t sure about either of those, which in the long run I’m really glad of because it meant I came up with this much better design. Even though the design comes from actual plants I have researched and drawn, the design as a whole looks quite ‘fantasy’, which works well with the mythical Pegasus. I think the bracket with the scroll compliments the large swirl at the top of the design too. Really hope to get some photos of it in situ.

Weathervane Hand Painted in colour


Weathervane Design OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA Cockerel Hen & Chicks weathervane painted in full colour! It’s the second hand painted weathervane we have done so far – a Morgan was sent out to New York just before Christmas based on a photo of the customer’s own car. I expected the Cockerel Hen & Chicks to be much easier to paint as its not nearly as precise as the car but still ended up taking about as long I think! But we’re pretty happy with the end result and look forward to creating more painted designs.

Swinging Sign Coarse Fishing


Given the growing popularity of our miniature swinging signs, we’ve added a fishing design to our ever expanding show display.  Available with a post fixing, for mounting to horizontal surfaces, or a wall mounting bracket for vertical surfaces. I think they’re quite popular because they don’t look out of place on a normal house – they’re a traditional style swinging sign without being too ornate or grand for a normal suburban house. We’ll be picking up two more new designs from the powder coaters today; a very pretty ‘Pegasus’ design, and a large Dressage Horse sign, with a similar design to our ‘Clifton House Farm Sign‘. Looking forward to painting them, especially Pegasus as I love this new design. Will post it tomorrow!

We’ve also been making a very special new piece of indoor wall art, which I will also post when it is in a more finished state. Very busy week hence the lack of posts – we were back at Arley Hall on Sunday for a small plant fair, and then this weekend we’re at the Riverside steam fair near Southport. Should be a really good weekend, we’re camping and I know there is a beer tent and the Lancashire Hot Pots are playing too. And on top of the shows every weekend, we’ve had several bespoke weathervanes to design and make, and I’ve been painting our first ‘Cockerel Hen and Chicks’ in colour.

Arley Hall Craft Fair

Arley Hall standA photo from our stand at the Arley Hall Craft fair. Our pitch was in the hall itself this time, and we were lucky to be in this spot just in front of the bay window. The Saturday especially was a really bright sunny day, we were very warm for the first time this year, and the light showed off our weathervanes and farm signs beautifully. We sold a Cat & Bird weathervane, plus several variations of our Gun Dog design in the form of wall mounted signs and weathervanes, and I am currently working on the design for a piece of wall art based on the Fox and Grapes fable. The only bad thing about this pitch was that we were in the exact spot where couples say their wedding day vows, so we had loads of future brides and grooms coming round and standing completely in the way of our work! We’re back at Arley next weekend for a little Spring plant fair, hopefully will be as sucessful again, if a little colder as we are outside this time..

Tractor Weathervane Designs

Bespoke tractor weathervaneJohn Deere Weathervane
We sent out our latest Tractor Weathervane yesterday – based on a New Holland. The John  Deere was our original Tractor design that came from a photograph I took at the Cheshire Show, and we’re really hoping to expand our range further this summer possibly with some vintage Tractor designs, as both of these are fairly modern examples.

So we’ll be spending the next two weekends at Arley Hall in Cheshire; tomorrow and Sunday for a craft fair and the following weekend for their Spring Plant fair. I’m in the middle of painting a couple of new display items – our stand is evolving all the time!

Boat Weathervane : Trimaran Design

Customer Trimaran PhotoBoat Weathervane Design

Trimaran weathervane close

The latest design to add to our growing range of boat weathervanes – a Trimaran. The customer sent several photos of their boat, and we came up with the weathervane design based on these. Most of the boat was fairly straightforward but we had some difficulty in working out how best to show the hulls – they are such a distinctive feature of this type of boat so we felt it was important to pick them out in our design. We’ve also used little waves to distinguish between the bottom of the boat and the water.

Our New Metalcraft Display

Black Fox Display Stand at Worsley

Black Fox Metalcraft Display Board

Our new display stand for 2013! We painted the main board cream which sets off the black metalwork nicely & allows the the detail to stand out from a distance. Most of the display pieces are new;  we’ve chosen the most popular designs such as the ‘Gun Dogs’ and Fox Bracket, and our personal favourites –  the Velocette and Swallows. There’s a couple of other items with the powder coaters this week, which should be ready for Arley Hall at the weekend, and we’ve got plenty of ideas for improvements in time for some of the bigger agriculture events over summer.

The photo doesn’t show it but the weather was actually quite nice and bright for the Worsely show on Saturday, and we saw quite a busy morning as a result. It was the first farmers market held at the garden centre, but they had some quality stalls and considering it is not an established event, the turn out was quite good. It was pretty much the most local show we have done to date, and was great to see some friends & family coming out to see us.