Flying Scotsman House Number

Flying Scotsman ImageI started work on this design several months ago, so was really pleased when a lady ordered it at the Riverside steam rally as a present for her father. I was a bit concerned that the length of the design would dwarf the number ’41’, leaving a big empty space either side, but not at all, we think it looks great! I wish we had got more of these cut, I’d love to see it as part of our display. This design is also available as a weathervane – please contact us if you are interested.

So onto the next steam rally up in Chipping this weekend – a full three days in a very beautiful part of the country. It’s not far from where we did the Hodder Valley Agriculture show last September. That was quite a success for us; hoping this will be too!


Bentley Continental Weathervane

Bentley Weathervane


A customer recently sent us photos of his 1954 Bentley Continental, for us to convert to a weathervane, here it is! He had seen our Humber 12 weathervane design on the website and really liked it, so we have tried to create this image in a very similar style. As the images he sent weren’t quite from a low enough angle to show all four wheels, we have added ground to avoid it looking like it is taking off. Really pleased with it, as it was quite a difficult design to produce – our range of classic car weathervanes keeps growing!

Harp Weathervane Design

Harp Weathervane PhotoThis bespoke weathervane design was ordered by a customer for his friend, who plays the harp. He sent several images of her harp, which we were able to work from. I was concerned about the lack of surface area for the wind to catch, so after discussing this with him, I added a lady playing it. I think the beauty of the instrument makes a really elegant design, and is complimented by the combination of the celtic arrow and the unusual crescent moon tail.

Wall Art Mug Rack

Bespoke Metal Wall Art Image Mug Rack 11 Mug Rack 9Our first example of Black Fox wall art. This Mug Rack uses an intricate, repeating design based on Ferns. It will make a fantastic addition to any kitchen, standing out as a piece of art on its own while also being functional. With four rows as pictured here, the approximate dimensions are 50 cm x 80 cm. As each row starts off as a separate piece, this can be altered to suit the space as required.

Scottish Lion Weathervane

Scottish Lion WeathervaneHere’s our Rampant Scottish Lion weathervane, photographed outside our workshop last week. The claws, teeth and tongue are gilded in 23.5 carat gold leaf, as are the cardinal points. It was a really fiddly job but it picks out these details nicely. Its great to see another weathervane with our distinctive crescent moon tail & celtic arrow too. We also made a bespoke ridge bracket to the customer’s specification – it fixed to the 35 degree roof trusses rather than a ridge board.