Vintage Lawnmower Weathervane

Bespoke Weathervane imageProbably our most unusual bespoke weathervane design so far.. a vintage lawn mower! The customer has a collection of over 300, dating back as early as the mid 19th century. We met them at the Chipping steam rally, where he had several on display. When doing this design I read a bit into early lawnmowers; it hadn’t occurred to me that the invention of the lawnmower made field sports like cricket possible for ordinary people. This design is based on quite an early model, but is not one specific one as I worked from several images in order to get the angle and important details right. I think the long grass in front of the mower is really effective, and I have tried to keep the gentleman using the mower in typically old fashioned clothing. We love the design but not sure we will ever sell another!


Morgan Metalwork

Swinging Sign Morgan Three wheeler image Morgan 1930's three wheelerLook what somebody brought to our workshop today!! A 1930’s Morgan three wheeler. Beautiful car, the owner has had it since the late sixties. Our four wheeled Morgan design has been quite popular recently; the photo above is the latest addition to our gallery – a small swinging sign mounted above a garage in Cheshire. I took loads of photos of this amazing car today, with the intention of creating a design for a weathervane or sign as soon as I get time. I’m not sure how it will look with only three wheels so I took photos from every angle – I definitely want the engine at the front to be clearly visible, but then not being able to see the full length of the car might look odd. Will have to see what works best!


Bespoke Floral Art Stand

Floral Art PhotoAnother photo from this year’s Cheshire County Show – a bespoke Floral Art stand we made for a customer from Knutsford. The base is made from solid steel so no weights need to be used, and the lightweight legs and top are removable, so easy to transport. We love this brightly coloured display, really pleased to see one of our stands being used in the flower marquee this week.

Cheshire County Show 2013

Highly Commended Rosette! IMG-20130618-00649 IMG-20130618-00653 IMG-20130618-00648 Cheshire Show PhotoFor anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, here are some more photos of our trade stand from this year’s Cheshire County Show! The rosette is a ‘highly commended’ award for the effort we had put into the stand; so pleased to have been given this as we were up against some really big companies, and it was our first year at the event too. A fantastic couple of days – the weather was kind enough to hold out for us and we really enjoyed being a part of such a huge event. We’ll be working on some new designs over the next few days, including a deer weathervane, a Landrover, and two swinging farm signs with a dairy cow design – so our portfolio continues to expand. And we’re back in Cheshire over the weekend for the Arley Hall Summer garden festival; its certainly been well advertised so hopefully will get a good turnout!

Pixie Weathervane In situ

Black Fox Gallery Photo Black Fox Gallery PhotoOne of our recent customers has sent in these photos of her new weathervane in situ. It was a birthday present from her partner, and the design is her company logo, the ‘Potted Pixie’, so as much as we love the design, they won’t be available for sale through our website. These are both fantastic images; I love the setting in the garden, and the reflection in the greenhouse roof. ┬áIt’s the first photo we have of our post fixing in use too.

So we’ve been busy again this week with final preparations for next weeks Cheshire County show. I’ve painted some new display items including a wall mounted Spitfire sign ‘Sky Fold’, and a little fox design that we’ll put outside the workshop when it’s no longer in use. There’s several orders we’re hoping to get sent out today too, including a Boat Weathervane, a Morgan Weathervane, and a couple of sheepdog farm signs.

Bespoke Poodle Metalwork

Poodle PhotoPoodle Coat Hooks ImageA customer recently contacted us with photos of their Poodle, Stanley. I’ve used the photo to create these coat hooks, powder coated dove grey. As well as copying the dog from their photograph, I’ve tried to make the plants around him resemble the customer’s garden. This design could also work well as a house name plate or weathervane.

Chipping Steam Rally

Vintage Tractor Photo Photo from Chipping Steam Rally

Steam Engine

So I’ve neglected the blog a bit over the past few weeks, thought I should catch up a bit! Here’s a small selection of photos from the Chipping Steam rally, where we exhibited over the bank holiday weekend. It’s in the Trough of Bowland area of Lancashire which is stunningly beautiful, and the weather was fantastic for a change. Until the Monday when the rain and wind hit us and we found ourselves holding onto the new gazebo to stop it taking off! The afternoons events were cancelled, still though, can’t complain after two days of sunshine. We’ve had new posters printed showing some of our products in situ which I think is a really nice colourful addition to our stand. It was a great atmosphere, and we got a few good orders including our most bizarre weathervane yet – a vintage lawnmower design. The customer has a collection of over 300, some of which were on display at the show. They’ve just confirmed the design, so that will be getting laser cut later in the week. I also took plenty of photos of the vintage tractors on display – we’d love to expand our range of weathervane designs in this area.

In other news, we’ve been really busy in the workshop over the past couple of weeks, and I have several new weathervane designs to post over the next few days. We’re also working on a design for our first piece of scrap metal wall art for a customer in Sale – really excited about this as it’s challenging and a bit different to what we normally do. I’ll also be working on a swinging sign design today from the Chipping show involving a howling Wolf.