RHS Tatton Silver Prize

Floral Art StandThis piece was designed & made by Fletcher & Foley, a florist in Sale Moor. It won the Silver prize at RHS Tatton this weekend. It’s based around the theme of the cotton industry in Manchester. We were commissioned to make the frame for it a couple of months ago. We used 25 mm box section so it’s really lightweight but strong – at the time our customer wasn’t sure how much weight it would need to hold, so we thought it’s better to be safe! The whole frame collapses for ease of transport, and the base and top, made from slightly smaller box section, simply slots back into the triangular end pieces to reassemble. The most difficult thing about making this bespoke floral art stand was getting the angles right where the triangles lean in; the customer wasn’t specific about it but we had to make sure both sides lean in to the same degree or it wouldn’t look right. Really pleased to be a part of the display that won the Silver prize at RHS Tatton, and a big congratulations to Fletcher and Foley for their design! There’s some more photos of the display on their blog; please follow the link above.

Post Fixing House Name Sign

Jenny WeldingThis is what we made yesterday in the workshop –  a new style of post mounted house name sign. Commissioned at the Cheshire County Show this year, this simple but traditional looking house name sign is the first one of its kind. The bottom foot or so will be dug into the ground. I plasma cut the main plate, while Phiz, with his broken arm, did all the grinding and cutting. There’s some really neat little welds on there, and I look forward to painting it when we get it back from the powder coaters.

Bespoke Swinging Barn Sign

Wrought Iron Sign ImageA customer contacted us through the website asking for a bespoke design for a swinging sign, based on Nettles. I think he had seen us at a recent steam rally in Lancashire. I has some Nettle drawings lying around from something I was working on last year, so was an easy one to get started on.  I sent several very different design across, including one where the Nettles were the cut out, but after a few little alterations, he settled on this as the final design. The bat was a bit of an after thought; I ended up changing the head on the nettles because it resembled bat wings too closely.

Bespoke Swinging Farm Sign

Bespoke Swinging Sign : Wolf DesignOur latest swinging farm sign; a bespoke design showing a wolf howling in front of a full moon. We met this customer at the Chipping Steam rally, and have also designed a bespoke weathervane to match, which I’ll post tomorrow. The area of Lancashire that they live in is believed to be one of the last places in England where wolves existed. Really hope we can get a photo of it in situ as it’s such a beautiful area, would love to add it to our gallery page.

Bespoke Deer Weathervane

Deer Weathervane ImageHere’s a new weathervane design I’ve been working on this week, photoshopped onto an existing weathervane photo so the customer can see what it will look like. I’ve been meaning to create a Deer design for ages so looking forward to seeing it in steel. We’ve been very productive on the new design front recently, got loads of new products to upload next week, including a very pretty swinging farm sign with a wolf design. And we’ll also be sending our first product to France –  a bespoke house name plate with two squirrels on.. hoping to find time to upload everything next week!