English Rose Swinging Sign

Large Swinging Sign PhotoHere’s one of three bespoke swinging signs we’ve been working on over the past few weeks… This one is the middle of the three sizes, and at 60 cm x 80 cm, it’s still fairly large. They will all be wall mounted, and for the larger two we’ve designed extra heavy duty brackets.

I’ll post the three signs together when we have found enough space to fit them all!

Post Mounted House Name Sign

House Name Sign PhotoHere’s the latest product to be added to our range; a post mounted house name sign. We met this customer at the Cheshire Show in June, and they explained that you couldn’t see their house name from the road, so wanted a metal sign to go just outside the front. I really like the simplicity of this design; its quite different from some of the very ornate signs we’ve produced. The two posts are made from thick box section, and are dug about a foot and a half into the ground.


Wedding Signpost

Wedding SignpostI’ve been meaning to post this one for nearly a year! A bespoke wedding gift commissioned by a customer in Manchester. It’s based on a traditional cast iron signpost, and makes a wonderfully unique garden feature. The plasma cut direction arrows point to significant places in the couple’s relationship; where they met, where they were married and where they were born. All painted by hand, I have used the same font as on the traditional signposts. Unfortunately at the time we did this, we were in the middle of our first Christmas rush, and did not get time to get a decent photo of it!


Black Fox Metalcraft Workshop

welding image Laser cut images Balancing a weathervane Phiz Plasma cuttingHere’s some photos of us at work, taken by our friends at Boka Print last week. There’s loads more on their facebook page, please check it out and give them a ‘like’! Photos here I think show us discussing the balancing of a Dragon weathervane, me welding it together, and Phiz plasma cutting the plate for a Cat & Bird house number.

Contemporary Church Flower Stand

Floral Art Stand Church Flower StandWe’ve recently produced this bespoke flower stand for a church in Oldham. Its about 5 ft tall and has three platforms; the top one is welded on while the two on the sides are removable, with a decorative swirl in 10 mm bar framing the piece. Its quite a contemporary design, and because the two side platforms are removable, there’s so much potential for creating very different and varied displays. Here’s a couple of photos of how they have been using it so far..

Early this week we produced a 2 metre tall floral art stand for a florist in Salford Quays; basically a large square base, a long pole and a mesh top where the arrangement will sit. It was my first attempt at overhead TIG welding, which went surprisingly well. I found it very difficult keeping a steady hand when stood on a wobbling chair due to the not entirely flat ground of the workshop floor, but in the end it looked pretty neat and we were really pleased with the results.


Squirrels House Name Plate

Squirrels name plate photoOur first French order! Meaning ‘The house of Squirrels’. This was another bespoke design. I found drawing the Squirrel silhouettes quite difficult as their tails are so bushy; lots of hair makes it hard to work out a defined shape. But here it is anyway, all finished and ready to be uploaded to our online shop along with several other new designs, so that’s my morning gone already!