Dachshund House Name Plate

Metal House Name plate image Photo of Dachshund Name plateOur second design for a Dachshund House Name Plate.. The customer contacted us through the website asking for the Dachshund silhouette to be in a design similar to our logo. We’ve done this before for a Border Collie¬†farm sign design, around this time last year I think, so I was able to swap the dogs over, and alter the height of the vines a little, allowing for the much shorter legs of the Dachshund.

Our range of house name and number plates, traditional swinging signs and farm signs has grown so much over the past year that I’ll be spending the afternoon organising this section of the website as its starting to look a bit chaotic! Several new designs to upload over the next couple of days too, including a Fordson Major Weathervane that we are both really pleased with.


Very Unusual Bespoke Bracket

Unusual Bespoke BracketPossibly our most unusual order to date.. A bespoke hanging basket bracket with a Traction Engine and Kite design; I would be very surprised if we sold another one of these! We’ve exhibited at a couple of steam rallies this year which have been a lot of fun, (Riverside near Southport and Chipping in the Ribble Valley) so we were delighted when the customer rang asking for a design based on his friend’s third scale Traction Engine. There’s a photo of it below. Originally he wanted the kite flying from the steam engine itself, but I realised that would have made the tail of the kite far too delicate, so I suggested having it underneath and much larger. While we only cut one of the Kite design, we ordered 5 Traction Engines as I think it will look fantastic on a weathervane or house number plate. Will probably find its way into our display stand for next years steam rallies, possibly even as a hand painted in colour design..

Steam Engine Photo

Wall Mounted Black Fox Sign

Black Fox SignWeathervane with GildingHere’s the other new sign we have put up outside our workshop, this one is wall mounted just above our often missed letter box. Its the same design as our beautiful Fox weathervane, just on a smaller scale. We’ve also put this fox into a hanging basket bracket design at the request of a customer we met at Arley Hall in July, and have a batch on order with the laser cutter at the moment. Would be really nice to have a pair of these new hanging basket brackets outside the workshop so we’d have the full set of this design!

Our new swinging sign at the workshop

Swinging Sign Photo FailsworthFinally we got round to putting our new swinging sign up outside the workshop. I painted it about a month ago, and am really excited to finally see it up! So we no longer need to worry about poor delivery drivers getting lost in the main industrial estate or post arriving several weeks late.. Feels like our home at last! I also really like the style of sign; its simple but effective and the text stands out from quite a distance. I think something really grand and decorative might have looked out of place on an industrial unit in Failsworth. Also the traditional style bracket really compliments the Art Nouveau font we chose. Despite being quite an unusual style of text, it is still easy to read. The lack of a laser cut profile also brings the cost down, as does the time taken to do design work.


Cricket themed Weathervane

Weathervane in GreeceOur first cricket themed weathervane; Old Father Time removing the bails. This one was ordered as a wedding present, and the photo shows it in its new home in a remote part of Greece. So remote in fact that the courier couldn’t find it. So it spent several days ¬†being driven around Greece and then a trip back to the depot in Athens. Apparently it eventually arrived on the back of a scooter. After all that I’m really glad to see it looking so good mounted to our customers balcony.

Weathervanes at Stokesley

Stand photograph Black Fox
Cockerel Weathervane PhotoSo for a second year Stokesley Agriculture show has turned out to be a really good one for us! Heres a couple of photos of our stand from the weekend, complete with two medium weathervanes mounted to the roof of our new gazebo. From this angle you don’t get a great view of it but coming from the main entrance towards our stands they really stood out against the thankfully bright blue sky. It was nice to arrive earlier on the Friday this year too and actually be able to see something of the town, and also visit a really nice pub once we had our display set up. The ‘White Swan’ in the middle of Stokesley is an excellent place to get a good pint of real ale!

The show itself was really enjoyable, next year though we will be recruiting a volunteer to come with us; we were really busy all day and neither of us got chance to have a proper look around. It was nice to have loads of interest in our stand, and get a few good orders too! This week we’ll be working on a small traditional style swinging sign with an E type Jag design, and getting a variation of our popular ‘Sheep & Collie’ Farm sign laser cut, amongst several other things.


Stokesley Agriculture Show 2013

Metalwork stand photoThis photo was taken last weekend at the Hodder Valley Show, in the beautiful Trough of Bowland. We’re off out again this weekend, this time in North Yorkshire at the Stokesley Agriculture show. Really looking forward to it; this time last year it was probably our most successful show to date, and a fantastic event in that it was busy with loads to see, but not so spread out that you couldn’t get round it all. We’ve made a few changes to the display stand too, instead of the weathervanes being in front on tatty looking stands we made last summer, they will be mounted on the sides of our new gazebo ( hopefully anyway, assuming all goes to plan! )

Weathervanes Painted in Colour

Photo of hand painted weathervaneHere’s our Cockerel weathervane, hand painted in colour and looking great against the blue sky over the Ribble Valley! Hoping for more of the same weather at the Stokesley agriculture show in North Yorkshire this weekend.. not too confident though as its been so miserable here all week that we still haven’t managed to put our sign up outside the workshop.

We’ve had orders for two more classic car weathervanes painted in colour recently, another Morgan though this time in connaught green rather than black, and then a Citroen DS which is an entirely new, bespoke design..


Deer House Name Plate

House Name sign photoOne of our new display items finished last week just in time for the Hodder Valley show. The design was done for a bespoke weathervane last month, but we had several of these cut as we really liked the design. Annoyingly it is very slightly too big to fit in any of the boxes with our other display signs!

The name ‘Hart’ is an old word for Stag, and ‘Brae’ means a hillside.