Chromed Metal Wall Art

Chromed Metal Wall ArtOur first piece of chromed metalwork! The customer asked for this name as a piece of metal wall art, as shiny as possible, to be mounted indoors. I sent several options for fonts, and he chose this one. When it arrived in after laser cutting, Richard spent a couple of hours polishing the front of it, as chroming will show up the slightest imperfection in the steel underneath. Originally we planned to weld tabs onto the back for mounting to the wall, but realised that with such a delicate font, they would be visible. So we chose instead to use four little clear plastic ‘cup and peg locators’, one part of which is glued to the back of the piece, and the other sits in a small hole drilled in the wall.

Jack Russell Swinging Sign

Swinging Sign Image Traditional Swinging sign imageJust about to package this bespoke swinging sign ready for sending out at the end of the day. The customer contacted us through the website asking for a bespoke design involving two Jack Russells, preferably with one sitting down. I sent over two possible designs so he and his partner could chose between something fairly simple and also a more decorative sign. I think at the time I personally preferred the more ornate design, but now seeing this one finished I think the simplicity allows the dogs to stand out and be the focal point of the image.

Bespoke Swinging Signs

Hand Painted swinging sign Swinging sign with arrow image Plain Swinging Sign Bespoke English Rose DesignHere’s some more photos showing the set of swinging signs we have just produced. I wanted to get a photo of all three together to show the scale, but with our display up, the showroom just isn’t big enough. Really pleased with all of these; they are the largest wall mounted signs we’ve made so far! I love the font too, I think it suits the design perfectly, and was nice to be trying something a little different.