Jewellery Hooks

Bespoke Necklace hooks Jewellery Hooks ImageA customer contacted us through the website after admiring some of our key hooks, and wondered if we could produce something similar for her to hang necklaces on. This piece is 20 cm across, and has 8 hooks. It was quite a fiddly job getting the welding torch in between the hooks, due to them being so close together. Really pleased with the end result though! These jewellery hooks could make use of any of our designs, though I think the intricate nature of this Art Nouveau one is perfect for hanging necklaces.

Today we have spent mostly packaging, which I’m glad to have out the way! Several weathervanes are going out with the courier this evening, including a bespoke Tank design, and my favourite one; a Stag & Deer design. Hopefully we’ll get some more photos sent in for our gallery..

Wall Mounted Farm Signs

Wall Mounted Farm SignFarm Sign In situNew version of our popular Sheep & Collie Farm sign.. ordered at the Stokesley Agriculture show last month, this design is a slight variation. The customer asked for a horned sheep, and we used a Swaledale as it was a design we had already done. I really like the way the curled horn is cut out. And here’s a photo of the original design in situ, mounted to the customers’ gate.


Bespoke Hanging Basket Bracket

Custom bracket


A new style of hanging basket bracket.. This bespoke design was done for a customer we met at the Cheshire show back in June. Its a really unusual design, not actually sure what it means to be honest! Originally I was going to put the Lady and dog underneath the arm of the bracket, in a circle much like our fox bracket, but really wasn’t working out due to the tall thin dimensions of the figure. So I moved the design on top, which works perfectly. I like the simplicity of the curved support bar underneath; I think it suits the design without drawing attention away from it. We’re working on another bespoke hanging basket bracket in a similar style, but this time with a Dachshund on top..

Dogs Weathervane

Dogs Weathervane Image Forged Hooks imageA bespoke design that we managed to get delivered within two weeks of the customer first contacting us, we were pretty impressed with that! The weathervane was for a colleagues retirement present, and they wanted it ideally for her last day. The dogs shown on the design are a Flat coated Retriever, a Whippet, a Staffy and a Jack Russell. So it took a while working out the design in terms of making the dogs look like they were all walking together, fitting in as part of the same image. The customer originally asked for all the dogs to be on leads, but I think the leads would have either been too delicate, or we could have had to make them unrealistically chunky so they would be strong enough. And we’ve also produced these decorative hooks for the same customer.. would be perfect for hanging dogs leads.

Morgan Weathervane in Connaught Green

Morgan Weathervane Hand Painted Hand Painted weathervaneAnother painted weathervane to add to our range of designs. We did the Morgan in black last Christmas for a customer in New York; now here is the Connaught Green version. Really pleased with the finished result – just got the gold leafing to finish on the letters then this one can be sent out. Although I’ve painted a Morgan weathervane before, this one was a challenge because the model that I based the laser cut design on does not have a front bumper like the one here, it had the chrome over riders instead. As the customer wanted it painted to match his car, I had to try and fit it in.

In other news, have a look at this interview I did for Westermans, a welding equipment supplier based in Leicester. It is part of a campaign to promote women in welding, and to encourage others to join the industry. I think its really important because the average welder today is a 55 year old man, so obviously in ten years there is likely to be a shortage of welders. I see no reason why girls can’t have a go!

The world’s strongest dog crate?

Photo of Dog crate in situ Dog JailWe dropped this extra heavy duty dog crate off with a customer in Manchester yesterday. Outside her house was the remains of their previous dog crate, which the dog had pretty much destroyed in order to make her escape. It was a lovely dog called Daisy, like a well built whippet, she was ten years old and really affectionate; we couldn’t believe the damage she had done to the house! A dishwasher related flood had been the last straw, and the owner contacted us about making this dog jail. The frame is 3mm thick steel box section, with 8 mm bars supported by 5 mm flat bar. It is TIG welded everywhere that it possibly could be, so that there is no flex in the bars at all. Weighing in at about 70 KG, it is not very transportable, but in making it lighter, we would also be making it easier to escape from. We looked online at what is out there in terms of heavy duty dog crates; one American site described theirs as being ‘the strongest dog crate in the world’, but when we looked into it, it was made from incredibly flimsy hollow bars and weighed about a quarter of what ours does. Not good considering how much they were charging..

Anyway we really hope this bespoke heavy duty dog crate allows Daisy’s owner to keep her without any further damage being done!

Wasdale Head Show

Agriculture Show Photo Wasdale, Cumbria Shepherd's Crooks Image Classic Bikes A few photos taken at the Wasdale Head show in Cumbria this weekend. We stayed a few miles away in Waberthwaite, and first thing in the morning it looked set to be a beautiful day. As we got away from the coast and into the valley however, the wind picked up and as we arrived in the field, noticed the remains of somebody’s gazebo lying destroyed on the ground. Not a good start! So we attempted to hold on to our still quite new gazebo while getting the poles up & ratchet straps on, but could see the poles bending with the wind, and remembering the Arley Hall incident in July, decided that we didn’t want to lose another gazebo. So we packed it away again. Thankfully the organisers were really good about it, and shuffled a few people around so we could set up our stand in a closed off bit of the beer tent. We were a bit hidden away, but despite that had a pretty good show! It’s a really nice event, and was good to catch up with some of our customers from last year. Got some repeat custom which is always nice, and will be doing an Elephant weathervane for the ¬†winner of this years beard competition. And the Terrier racing was a highlight as usual. After the final they tried it with non Terriers, one of which was a spaniel who really didn’t get it and ran in the wrong direction.

Bespoke Metalwork Dog Crate

Dog Jail PhotoA bright orange Phiz putting the last welds on this bespoke Dog Crate, or Dog Jail as it has become known. It is extra heavy duty at the request of the customer, and when the chequerplate floor is in, it will probably weigh more than I do. The customer’s dog has apparently cracked welds and bent bars in order to break free from two standard dog crates, so asked us to produce this one. It feels incredibly over engineered and I don’t think I could get out of it so hopefully the dog won’t be able to find a way !

So while the Dog Jail has been in production, I’ve been doing another hand painted weathervane; this time a Morgan in Connaught Green. Just got the grille, lights and spoked wheels to do and then I’ll post it online, is looking good so far though.. Also just adding the finishing touches to a small E Type Jaguar swinging sign; this one is a series one roadster.

Guinea Fowl Weathervane

Bespoke WeathervaneThe latest weathervane to add to our range.. A Guinea Fowl. I’ve worked from several different images for this design of this unusual looking bird, and then grafted them all together as I couldn’t find one that was just right. I’d really love to do this distinctive weathervane design in colour; i think it would be a challenge but love the black and white spotted feathers!

Very busy week this week, in addition to welding and painting the weathervanes and signs ordered recently, we are working on the manufacture of a large ‘dog jail’, and then we’re exhibiting up in Cumbria at the Wasdale Head Agriculture show over the weekend..