Robin Swinging Sign

Swinging Sign ImageWe’re really proud of this swinging sign we designed and made just before Christmas. The customer specified that there are Oak, Sycamore and Chestnut trees outside her property, and also that she didn’t want anything too traditional looking. So I’ve tried to make the sign fairly contemporary by keeping the design quite chunky and bold; nothing too ornate like some of our more art nouveau inspired metalwork. The Oak leaves came from a design I did a while ago for an Owl weathervane, and the Chestnut leaves I spent a bit of time drawing especially for this design. I think both work so well because they are such distinctive, bold shapes.

Banner Style Weathervane

Weathervane in the workshop photoThis is what we were making in the workshop last week – a traditional banner style weathervane. I did a design for this sort of weathervane having been inspired on a trip up to Edinburgh last year, but we never actually got around to producing it. So we were delighted when a customer we met at the Chipping steam rally contacted us asking if we could put the ‘three lions’ shield on a weathervane, as the banner style seemed perfect for it. We’re really pleased with how its looking and can’t wait to pick it up form the powder coaters later in the week. Maybe we’ll get time to produce my sketch in steel and have it as a display item over summer..

Triumph Bonneville

Motorbike ImageA really nice photo to add to our gallery; a Triumph Bonneville with a matching house number plate in the background. Well sort of matching, the house number plate design is based on a much more modern bike, and was one of the first designs I did. Its been quite a popular one, though more as a house name /  number plate than a weathervane design. Look forward to creating a weathervane based on a classic Bonneville soon…

Tractor & Collie Weathervane

Tractor Weathervane ImageThis is a variation on a Fordson Major Tractor weathervane we produced over summer, originally based on a pencil drawing the customer had. We had an enquiry just before Christmas asking for a  Collie to be added to the design, just in front of the Tractor. And here it is; this weathervane is now on a Farm in Northern Ireland.

Bat Weathervane

Bat Weathervane PhotoAnother new design for the end of last year; a Bat weathervane. The customer sent over a photo of the Bat weathervane on top of a castle in Northumberland, it was a really beautiful  cast & gilded sculpture. No idea how long it has been there or who made it, but the customer asked for something similar but more suitable for mounting to a garage. When doing the design, I started by drawing several whole bats, but quickly discovered that Bats are not symmetrical, so this design is actually made up of the same half Bat mirrored. We offered this one, and also a less ornate design. The customer chose this one, which we  were pleased about. The tail is also a new design, done especially for this weathervane.. We also discussed the option of gilding it, like the Northumberland castle weathervane, but in the end decided that the detail in the design would make gilding an extremely fiddly job and therefore quite expensive for what it is.


Bespoke Light Box : English Rose Design

Light Box Image Photo of light box Finished light box photo Rose Design Light box ImagePossibly our most challenging project of 2013; a large scale bespoke light box. The design of this light box is based on the bespoke swinging business signs we produced for a property developer in Buckinghamshire over summer. The idea for the light box was theirs, and thankfully they had their own electrician to wire it in. It was made as three parts so that the layer of zinc electroplate could get everywhere; the laser cut front panel, the back piece and the outer frame. The back piece was powdercoated white so as to reflect the light better. As the three parts bolted together, we had to make sure all the holes drilled were exactly in line, which is more difficult than it sounds! We also had to ensure that the outer frame fitted perfectly over the inner frame, so it took ages making sure everything was as precise as it needed to be. I love this design, and hope to get some photos of this light box in situ, preferably at night to get the best view of it. I think its a really interesting new product and would love to produce some more light box designs in the near future.

Yacht Weathervane

Bespoke Boat WeathervaneA bespoke Yacht weathervane to add to our range of Boat designs. We did this back in November, and is based on the customer’s SCOD yacht. She didn’t have a photo of it, and images at the right angle were hard to come by, so was a tricky one in terms of getting the design right. Ended up working from some diagrams of the boat, combined with a few photos to make sure it was realistic. Will be added to our online shop as soon as we find time.. loads more still to upload!