Black Fox Forge

Forgework ImageHere’s a prototype for a fire poker we’ve been working on this week.. the tight scroll is made from 12 mm round bar and fits perfectly in the hand so is ideal for its purpose. Its amazing how long a chunk of metal that size holds its heat!

Other than that we’ve been working on several bespoke swinging signs, all of which are being electroplated now. Hoping to get them back tomorrow so I can start painting the text on. Really look forward to seeing them finished and getting the new designs online! We’re also working on some large scale floral art stands for a wedding at the end of next week; they are nearly 2 metres high and will sit on the dinner tables, with strings of crystals and a floral display attached. We’re only doing a basic frame for them so would love to see photos of the finished pieces.

Unique Weathervane Designs

Weathervane photoOne of the more unusual weathervanes we produced last year, looking fantastic against the blue sky! The design shows a Pig trotting into a large pipe, which seemed a little odd to me at first, but its actually based on the large rotating brushes used for cleaning pipe lines, also known as a ‘Pig’. Our customer bought it as a Christmas present for her husband, who works in this industry, we like it as its quite a funny design and very unique. Wonder if we will sell many more of these?

Hare Weathervanes & Signs

Hare Weathervane ImageOver the past three weeks, we have had three separate commissions for Hare related metalwork designs; two for weathervanes and one swinging sign. Having never done any Hare designs up to this point, we are really wondering why they have all come at once?! Here is one of two Hare weathervanes going out with our courier today, the other is a different design which I’ll post next time. And the sign is an almost finished bespoke design that I have spent a lot of time on, really pleased with it so far and think it will turn out to be one of my favourite Black Fox products.