Wall mounted Name Plate

House Sign Image Name Plate ImageHouse Name Plate Photo

Just packaged this huge wall mounted name plate, another variation on our original Art Nouveau sign. At nearly a metre across its pretty grand! I altered the original design to accomodate the much longer name – the original was ‘Belmont’, and I did the design to fit around the seven letters, so it did need quite a bit of work to suit this customer’s house name.

Bespoke House Sign

Bespoke Sign Photo House Name SignNew bespoke house name sign! The customer commissioned a layered sign in the same style as our Art Nouveau sign, but with a Lily theme. We’ve done a few variations on this design now, and this Lily one is quite chunky compared to the others so wasn’t sure how it would work, but really pleased now I can see it finished! Will be going off to Guernsey tomorrow.

Bespoke Hanging Basket Bracket

Bracket photo Custom bracket photoThis bespoke hanging basket bracket design was done this time last year, for a customer we met at the Cheshire show. They actually had the stand opposite ours showing their range of brilliant hand made childrens beds and desks please have a look at https://www.funfurniturecollection.co.uk/

Love these photos of the bracket they commissioned! The design shows a dancer with a poodle, and the letters JRW. Not sure of the significance of it myself but the customer was delighted which is the main thing, and shows we can produce designs based on anything at all. I also really like the style of this bracket; with the laser cut profile on top and the gently curving support bar below.