Bespoke Swinging Sign

Sign In situ Photo Swinging Sign Photo Tink for Perthi SignLove these photos of a swinging sign we made over summer! We met the customer at a show in Shropshire back in July – they admired our Black Fox swinging sign and asked us to produce something similar using an image of their dog, a Viszla called Tink. So this is the photo they sent – was actually quite tricky to work from as you can only really see three of her legs so had to be quite creative when drawing this one out. The cut outs below the text are Woodcocks; again the customer supplied the image to work from as they had a really clear idea of what they wanted. I think it was just a photo of part of a painting they had seen. We thought the cut outs were a really nice idea – we hadn’t done this before, but have used it in several farm signs since ( but with sheep not birds ). Its nice to be able to produce something so personal to the customer – they have emailed since to say how pleased they are with their sign so well worth all the time doing design work to get it just right!


Weathervane Photos

Weathervane in situ Weathervane photoI’ve been going through old emails this week and came across these two photos sent in by customers at the end of last year, really nice to see both of these weathervanes in situ! The rowing design was done for a lady who’s son is part of the British Olympic rowing team, and the Sperm Whale design was also a bespoke one. We’ve got several new designs being powdercoated this week, look forward to posting them here when they’re finished.