Shooting Weathervanes

Weathervane in the sun imageA great photo sent in by a customer last year, showing one of our shooting weathervanes on a beautiful clear day. Love the way the light catches the detail on the ferns. We’ve produced a large number of variations on this design now, including various different breeds of dog such as Labradors, Spaniels and Pointers. We’ve also included Pheasants, Rabbits, and had the man shooting in a few different poses and even wearing several different hats! So a design that’s really easy to personalise with just a few minor alterations.

Bespoke Farm Sign

Farm Sign image Bespoke Farm SignA bespoke Farm Sign we designed and made last summer. The brief for the design was to include Swallows, wildflowers and a pond, to reflect the customer’s garden. Drawing the individual Swallows and wildflowers, including Cranesbill Geranium and Oxeye Daisy was straightforward enough, but working out how to show a pond as part of a black silhouette image was far more of a challenge… In the end, I reflected the flower pattern across the diagonal, as if shown in reflection, so the water idea is more of a subtle suggestion rather than literally being pictured. We love how this design has turned out.

The other challenge with producing this bespoke sign was the bracket. It is an unusual one because it is fixed into the dry stone wall, beneath the coping stones. So its got a very unique bracket, mostly hidden from view, welded to the bottom of the sign itself. It is bolted to the wall, and the weight of the coping stones ensure it will be there for a very long time!

Frogeye Sprite Weathervane


The latest in our range of hand painted car weathervanes – the Austin Healey Frogeye Sprite. Done in a bit of a mad rush the week before Christmas, we had a few late nights getting it finished in time! The customer has just sent this photo in, looks great and so nice to hear the gift was well received. The person that the weathervane was given to does own a Frogeye Sprite, though in white rather than blue. I suggested changing the colour because white just wouldn’t be visible against the sky, and sunlight would reflect off it too easily so you wouldn’t see the detail. Its got the right registration number though!