Bespoke Mural

Mural DesignsHere’s a jpeg image showing some designs we are currently working on. These large scale murals are based a round the theme of nature, changing of the seasons and the legend of the Green Man. The left piece shows two stargazing Hares either side of a tree, moving from winter to Spring. The largest middle piece, which is designed to measure 130 cm x 195 cm, shows summer in full bloom. Focusing on an Oak tree, the design includes a variety of British wild flowers, Butterflies and Bees, and of course the face of the Green man on the tree trunk. The third piece shows the Oak dying back and losing it’s leaves, with an Owl and large full moon to signify the nights drawing in.

A fairly huge amount of design work here! Needs a few bits tweaking before we call finished, but not far off now. Really looking forward to seeing these pieces insitu.

Bespoke House Sign

Bespoke Sign Sign photoA bespoke house sign we sent out last week – the customer contacted us after seeing our two layer, hand painted Art Nouveau sign online, and was wondering if we could create a unique, custom design in the same style. She said there was a strong naval tradition in her family which she wanted the design to reflect, in part to remember her father who had recently passed away. Initially when she suggested ropes as a basis for the design I was a little unsure as to whether this would work in silhouette form, but thought it was worth having a go. I think the anchors really help in bringing the theme to life, but the rope on its own actually works really well too. This design did take several weeks of going back and forth between ourselves and the customer, making little adjustments, as I think the different pieces of rope did feel a little disjointed in the first draft. But after quite a lot of playing about, I think it all flows nicely and the customer was delighted with the finished piece, so that’s the important thing!

Hand Forged Log Basket

Log Basket

Hand Forged Log Basket by Black Fox Metalcraft

Forged Log Basket Log Basket Insitu

Here’s a few photos of a log basket we’ve made on the forge recently. We didn’t get round to making a jig for it, so all the curves are forged by hand over the anvil – getting all the curves the same was very difficult! There’s a rack for newspaper underneath the bit that holds the logs, and a hook either side for hanging fireside tools.

The customer sent us a couple of photos of log baskets she had found online, and asked us to come up with a design that combined aspects of both, including a laser cut Stag design at the bottom. We’ve used a black powder coat as the finish, rather than beeswax that we’d normally use on forged items, mainly because it will offer better protection if the logs are a little damp.

We were so pleased with the finished piece after all the work that had gone into it, as was the customer. She has sent us the photo above of it insitu and emailed to say “This will be a treasured piece of furniture for us and deservingly after the craftsman ship used to make it. ”

Green Walk Craft Fair

Craft Fair Stand Photo Forgework Display Close up photo of our display

A few photos of our stand at the Green Walk Craft Fair in Whalley Range, Manchester, over the bank holiday weekend. The event took place on one very pretty street in this South Manchester suburb; around 30 local artists & craftspeople showed their work inside the houses – ours was in the living room at number 10. A pleasant change as we’re used to being stood in a farmer’s field getting soaked and fighting against the wind to keep out gazebo held down! I’d been experimenting with the forge in the couple of weeks leading up to the event, so we had a collection of hand forged items that people could take away on the day – something we’ve not tried before, as we normally just look to take commissions for our larger products such as weathervanes and swinging signs. I’m pleased to say that it went really well and I should have made more! We sold out of snails and candle holders by the middle of Sunday afternoon, and our boot scraper got loads of attention and was gone within about an hour, which was nice as it was just something I played about with that happened to turn out very well. I have a couple of tweaks to the design in mind, but then I’ll get them straight on the website. The only thing that didn’t sell well was the hand forged hooks – we think they might do better as a set mounted to a piece of wood rather as single items.

We got chance to have a quick look around on Sunday afternoon while my parents watched our stand for us, loads of fantastic work by some very talented people. Could have spent a lot on pottery but was very restrained! Really looking forward to this event next year: