Reclaimed Fork Candle Holders

Candle Holder Photo Colour photo candle holders

Candle holders made from reclaimed forks! I’ve made them in our forge, heating the prongs and twisting them around. As the metal is so thin it’s very easy to turn them into a sparkler by accident! As they are made by hand, each one is slightly different. The candle dish is TIG welded onto the fork, and the beeswax finish is applied while the piece is still hot. These can be purchased on the following link:


Bespoke Flower Seat

Flower Seat Image

Here’s the Bespoke Flower Seat we made a couple of months ago for some local florists (see post on 16th June). Here they are sat on it, fully decorated. Looks amazing, we’re really impressed with what they’ve done with it – I think it looks very natural, and though we were very proud of the frame we made, you can’t tell it’s there at all!