Aston Martin DB5 Hanging Basket Bracket

Here is our latest Black Fox hanging basket bracket, just finished this morning. We won’t have time to have it electroplated and powder coated before the car show this weekend, but we’ll be including it on our stand to get some feedback on the design. As with our weathervanes and house number plates, we can produce a hanging basket bracket using any car or motorbike.

The distinctive arrow shape on the ends of the mounting plate was plasma cut in our workshop. We spent some time debating the design inside the bracket – my original idea just used circles, which we tried in a straight line and also curved, but neither looked quite right. I think the addition of the 10mm square bar really gives the silhouette a sharp and very distinctive edge, but we are still developing this design so are open to any better ideas!

We are looking at the idea of selling these hanging basket brackets as part of a set with our classic car weathervanes and house signs.

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