Bespoke Metalwork at the Stokesley Show

Bespoke Weathervanes and Farm Signs

We had a fantastic day at the Stokesley agriculture show yesterday. After a very frosty but bright start to the day, we were set up by 9am and the crowds poured in soon after. It was busy all day and the weather was beautiful – we really didn’t have time to have a proper look around the showground at all. Was the most successful show we’ve done this summer so well worth the two hour drive there and back. We’ve had an order for a bespoke farm sign and weathervane, and also a Harley Davidson Weathervane, so I’l be spending a lot of next week doing design work which is quite exciting. Also great to have orders placed for a cockerel weathervane, a horse weathervane and two labrador themed house number plates that we already have in stock, so should be able to get these sent out to our customers at the end of the week.

I met a very friendly Alpaca being walked around on a lead – really beautiful and tame animal. When I’v got the orders sorted from the weekend I’l be looking into design ideas for alpaca weathervanes and house signs. Very busy week ahead – will definitely be back in Stokesley next year!

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