Bespoke Mural

Mural DesignsHere’s a jpeg image showing some designs we are currently working on. These large scale murals are based a round the theme of nature, changing of the seasons and the legend of the Green Man. The left piece shows two stargazing Hares either side of a tree, moving from winter to Spring. The largest middle piece, which is designed to measure 130 cm x 195 cm, shows summer in full bloom. Focusing on an Oak tree, the design includes a variety of British wild flowers, Butterflies and Bees, and of course the face of the Green man on the tree trunk. The third piece shows the Oak dying back and losing it’s leaves, with an Owl and large full moon to signify the nights drawing in.

A fairly huge amount of design work here! Needs a few bits tweaking before we call finished, but not far off now. Really looking forward to seeing these pieces insitu.

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