Bespoke Penguins Weathervane

Penguins Weathervane ImageHappy New Year to All! After a busier than ever Christmas, I thought I’d kick off the New Year blog with one of the bespoke weathervane designs we produced last month. The customer specified that the design shold feature two Penguins, and that they should either be Gentoo, Adelie, or Chinstrap. I chose to use Adelie Penguins, simply because their markings lend themselves better to being laser cut from steel than the other two. Given the amount of white on the Penguins, which would be cut out, we decided the profile would work better if mounted centrally on the sail, with a tail at the back to catch the wind. We added rocks to create a bit more of a scene; showing the environment you would typically see these birds in. This also had the advantage of adding a bit of strength to the wing where it touches the rock – without this it would have been a bit of a weak point. We loved creating this bespoke weathervane as the Penguins have so much character, something that I hope has come across well in the design.

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