Bespoke House Sign

Bespoke Sign Sign photoA bespoke house sign we sent out last week – the customer contacted us after seeing our two layer, hand painted Art Nouveau sign online, and was wondering if we could create a unique, custom design in the same style. She said there was a strong naval tradition in her family which she wanted the design to reflect, in part to remember her father who had recently passed away. Initially when she suggested ropes as a basis for the design I was a little unsure as to whether this would work in silhouette form, but thought it was worth having a go. I think the anchors really help in bringing the theme to life, but the rope on its own actually works really well too. This design did take several weeks of going back and forth between ourselves and the customer, making little adjustments, as I think the different pieces of rope did feel a little disjointed in the first draft. But after quite a lot of playing about, I think it all flows nicely and the customer was delighted with the finished piece, so that’s the important thing!

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