Blacksmiths Swinging Sign

Bespoke Sign photo

This photo shows another example of a swinging sign being customised to reflect the former use of a customer’s home. Initially, I had wanted to show a small selection of tools such as hammers and tongs hanging in the workshop scene. This had to be left out in the end because when I drew them as if in the background, they were too tiny and delicate, but when I tried to draw them larger as if in the foreground, they looked disproportionally huge in comparison to the Blacksmith, so would not work either way. We love this photo of ‘The Forge’ insitu; this is what the customer had to say about it:

‘Finding Black Fox Metalcraft on line  I approached for a bespoke sign and forwarded a design to Jenny. The draft she came back with was a perfect solution to our description. Jenny kept us informed all the way and the quality of her work was exceptional. Delivery was within the stated time scale.

I have no hesitation in recommending anyone for the quality and craftsmanship from Black Fox Metalcraft.’

After all the hard work that goes into designing and producing a swinging sign, it’s fantastic to have happy customers at the end of the day!

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