Bespoke Wedding Stands

bespoke flower standsWe’ve just produced a set of 16 of these bespoke wedding flower stands for a customer in the midlands. The 6 horseshoes are TIG welded together from the back, and supported by a 75cm length of tube. The base is cut from 5mm steel so there is a decent weight to it, keeping the stand stable. Each floral art stand will sit at the centre of a table, forming a beautiful centrepiece. We’ve also produced a slightly larger pair of these wedding stands with an extra row of four horseshoes; these will be placed either side of the entrance. These flower stands are powder coated silver.

Hand Forged Obelisk

Metal Obelisk PhotoLast week we made this uncomplicated yet beautiful obelisk. It consists of three uprights made from 12mm pole, tapered and forged with scrolled ends. The triangular structure is joined by lengths of 8mm square bar, with a central twist. The brief was for it to be ‘traditional looking but not too fussy’, which I think we’ve definitely acheived here. As usual it is zinc electroplated to protect against rust, and finished in a matt black powder coat, so is well prepared to withstand the worst of the North West weather! I look forward to seeing some photos of this next summer when the Clamatis has grown around it.

Bespoke Flower Stand Candelabra

Flower Stand PhotoA photo showing two of a set of bespoke flower stands we’ve made this week. This idea is that the central column will be filled with oasis and the display will work outwards from there. There are two candelabra platforms holding a total of 14 candle dishes; I can imagine these looking pretty spectacular when decorated. We put a lot of work in to them though and it almost seems a shame that the steel frame will be hidden!

Our customer had a pretty clear idea of what they were after, so we just needed to create a functioning final design for the stands and then make a prototype, which we did a few weeks ago. They loved the look of this first stand, and the only issue with it was the weight, as once it’s full of soaked oasis it will be very heavy. So in order to reduce this, we’ve cut the base from thinner steel, and cut holes in the platforms to try and save a little bit more as it all adds up. These still weigh a fair bit but are considerably lighter than the prototype so should be much easier to work with. Look forward to seeing photos of them decorated!

Contemporary Church Flower Stand

Church Floral Display Church Flower Stand

Great photos of our spiral flower stand insitu! The matt black powder coat finish gives this stand a smart, contemporary feel to it, while retaining the look of classic black ironwork. It has three 20 cm platforms, each with a rim; the top one is welded onto the box section upright, while the two on the side are removable, making this a really versatile stand. The 10mm square bar spiral sweeps around the platforms, drawing the eye over the whole piece. The base is cut from chunky 5 mm steel, so there’s a decent amount of weight at the bottom of the stand in order to keep it stable.

This display was done as part of a memorial service last weekend; I think they’ve done a fantastic job of it. Love how the bright colours contrast with the black metal, and the three tiers almost look to be floating.

These stands can be made to any size, though this one was 4’10”, in order for us to keep the final package under the 5ft limit for our regular courier. That’s the only problem with these stands – if I’m honest they are a bit of a nightmare to package!

Bespoke Flower Seat

Flower Seat Image

Here’s the Bespoke Flower Seat we made a couple of months ago for some local florists (see post on 16th June). Here they are sat on it, fully decorated. Looks amazing, we’re really impressed with what they’ve done with it – I think it looks very natural, and though we were very proud of the frame we made, you can’t tell it’s there at all!

Bespoke Circular Flower Frame

Flower Frame Photo

Outside our workshop having just finished this bespoke flower circular flower frame. Its designed to be a wedding piece for the bride and groom to sit on, framed by a 6 1/2 foot circle of flowers.

It is three separate pieces so ease of transportation, bolting together at the top & just below the seat on each side. Used trigonometry for the first time since our GCSE’s in designing this one!


Gold Medal at RHS Tatton

Flower Stand image Flower Stand image Flower stand imageHere’s the floral art stands we made last week with a Gold medal winning display decorating them!  If you look back to the previous post you’ll see the stands in plain steel, when we had just finished making them. So this was the RHS Tatton show, and there was some sort of carnival theme. Looks fantastic, congratulations to Verdure Floral design! Would have been good to have gone to the show so we could have seen the display in person..

And now we’ve got 7 more of these stands to make next week, as they’ll be used as part of a wedding display in early August.


Floral Art Stands

Stands Photo Flower Stands PhotoA set of floral art stands we’ve just finished in time for the RHS Tatton Show. We’ve never exhibited ourselves, but this will be the second year some of our metalwork has been a part of a florist’s display.

So the bases are made from 5 mm thick steel to keep the stands nice and stable, while the tops are only 2 mm; should be no issues with them over balancing or needing weights. The smaller ones were pretty straightforward but the larger one, being over 2 m tall, was quite difficult to get it completely straight due to the weight of the pole and the workshop floor being not at all flat.

And I have just been informed that, while writing this post and leaving the stands outside  to be cleaned, a large bird has just left its mark in the middle of one of them. I’m pretty sure I heard that was good luck?

Newport Show, Shropshire

Lake photo Stand Photo photo of stand Alpaca photoSome photos from this weekends agriculture show in Newport, Shropshire. It was held at the Chetwynd Deer Park, and was a beautiful, bright sunny day, making a nice change from our recent experience at the nearby Staffordshire County Showground. Had loads of interest and got a few good orders, so well worth coming out to. Also we didn’t forget any part of our stand or display, which is pretty rare for us! I think there were probably about 10 000 people there, and we were constantly busy pretty much all day, so didn’t really get chance to have a look around ourselves. I did manage to get a quick photo of some recently shaven Alpacas, and look at a group of adorable little baby ducklings. The stand next to ours was a lady selling ‘doggy fish fudge’ and ‘liver cakes’ – sounds absolutely disgusting but she seemed to have a crowd of dogs and their owners around her for much of the day so fair enough I suppose – glad she did well! Our stand also was opposite the schools marquee, who for some reason thought it was appropriate for their orchestra to play ‘In the bleak mid winter’ repeatedly thoughout the day…

So we came back into the workshop yesterday with a massive long list of designs to do, the most unusual of which is a very rare bird called a Spoonbilled Sandpiper. So I’m looking forward to spending a day in bed drawing and designing! We’ve also got loads of floral art stands to be getting on with, some for a church in Gloucestershire, but mostly for a florist exhibiting at the RHS Tatton show next week.