Jewellery Hooks

Bespoke Necklace hooks Jewellery Hooks ImageA customer contacted us through the website after admiring some of our key hooks, and wondered if we could produce something similar for her to hang necklaces on. This piece is 20 cm across, and has 8 hooks. It was quite a fiddly job getting the welding torch in between the hooks, due to them being so close together. Really pleased with the end result though! These jewellery hooks could make use of any of our designs, though I think the intricate nature of this Art Nouveau one is perfect for hanging necklaces.

Today we have spent mostly packaging, which I’m glad to have out the way! Several weathervanes are going out with the courier this evening, including a bespoke Tank design, and my favourite one; a Stag & Deer design. Hopefully we’ll get some more photos sent in for our gallery..

Dogs Weathervane

Dogs Weathervane Image Forged Hooks imageA bespoke design that we managed to get delivered within two weeks of the customer first contacting us, we were pretty impressed with that! The weathervane was for a colleagues retirement present, and they wanted it ideally for her last day. The dogs shown on the design are a Flat coated Retriever, a Whippet, a Staffy and a Jack Russell. So it took a while working out the design in terms of making the dogs look like they were all walking together, fitting in as part of the same image. The customer originally asked for all the dogs to be on leads, but I think the leads would have either been too delicate, or we could have had to make them unrealistically chunky so they would be strong enough. And we’ve also produced these decorative hooks for the same customer.. would be perfect for hanging dogs leads.

Chromed Metal Wall Art

Chromed Metal Wall ArtOur first piece of chromed metalwork! The customer asked for this name as a piece of metal wall art, as shiny as possible, to be mounted indoors. I sent several options for fonts, and he chose this one. When it arrived in after laser cutting, Richard spent a couple of hours polishing the front of it, as chroming will show up the slightest imperfection in the steel underneath. Originally we planned to weld tabs onto the back for mounting to the wall, but realised that with such a delicate font, they would be visible. So we chose instead to use four little clear plastic ‘cup and peg locators’, one part of which is glued to the back of the piece, and the other sits in a small hole drilled in the wall.

Bespoke Poodle Metalwork

Poodle PhotoPoodle Coat Hooks ImageA customer recently contacted us with photos of their Poodle, Stanley. I’ve used the photo to create these coat hooks, powder coated dove grey. As well as copying the dog from their photograph, I’ve tried to make the plants around him resemble the customer’s garden. This design could also work well as a house name plate or weathervane.

Wall Art Mug Rack

Bespoke Metal Wall Art Image Mug Rack 11 Mug Rack 9Our first example of Black Fox wall art. This Mug Rack uses an intricate, repeating design based on Ferns. It will make a fantastic addition to any kitchen, standing out as a piece of art on its own while also being functional. With four rows as pictured here, the approximate dimensions are 50 cm x 80 cm. As each row starts off as a separate piece, this can be altered to suit the space as required.

Decorative Coat Hooks

Cockerel Hen and Chicks Coat HooksOur latest set of forged coat hooks – this profile started off as a weathervane design ordered at a craft fair in Penrith. Our range of decorative hooks has been quite popular, especially in the run up to Christmas – I think the bestseller is currently the Dinghy, which also started off as a weathervane design, and only actually became coat hooks after a sizing issue with the laser cutting.  In order to keep the price of these smaller items down, we’re using our more popular standard designs that we can have laser cut in bulk. These ‘Cockerel Hen and Chicks’ hooks will be part of our new 2013 display stand, and were uploaded into our online shop yesterday. Hopefully they’ll sell as well as our other designs – I can see them looking great in a country kitchen possibly hanging tea towels, and would make a fantastic gift for someone who keeps chickens.

Forged Coat Hooks Image


Bespoke Window Grille in White

White Metal window grille.Security Grille DesignHere’s our finished window grille along with the original sketch I emailed to the customer. It is to be fitted over her basement window, and as she was concerned that black would look too gloomy in an already quite dark space, we had it powder coated white. We’ve been meaning to see what our metalwork would look like in white for a while, and we are really pleased with how this has come out; the customer loved it too. White does seem to have become very fashionable recently, so we are thinking about possibly having one of our hanging basket brackets powdercoated in this colour. I don’t know if it showing the dirt  very easily would be a problem or not but think it is definitely worth a try and could open up a whole new range of products for us.

Window Grille

Security Grille

Security Grille Open.We made this window security grille for a customer in Leeds. She wanted a grille for her basement window that would prevent anyone from getting in, but that would also be quite decorative and not just look like prison bars. So I sent four or five different designs over, and this is the one she picked out.

We drilled holes in the two horizontal bars for the vertical bars to sit in, before TIG welding the whole thing together, making this grille as secure as it possibly can be. The main difficulty we had with this project was in making the scrolls exactly the same –  because they are hand forged there will always be slight differences, but the symmetry of this design made it vital to get them as precise as we could. Welding around the two central half bars was difficult because of the position of the scrolls being exactly where the welding torch wanted to be. Took ages but is now finished and on its way to be electroplated and powder coated, so should be completely ready by the middle of next week.

It is welded to four hinges, and the whole grille will open over 180 degrees. In order to keep the cost down for the customer, Phiz made a simple hasp and staple rather than buying in expensive locks. We’ve also made it a few inches larger than the opening it will cover so that the full weight of the grille will not be on the edge of the bricks.

Horse Trials Weathervane & Hooks

Forged coat HooksHorse Trial weathervaneOur Horse trials design, ordered as hand forged coat hooks just before Christmas, is now also available as a weathervane. Doing the horse design was quite straightforward, but I spent ages getting the look of the jump right. We have plenty of imaginary, art nouveau inspired plant designs, and I originally started putting these together to form the jump. This really didn’t work, so ended up going for something much more natural looking.

We think that this design, either on coat hooks or a weathervane, would make a great gift for someone with a passion for eventing.