Tractor Weathervane Designs

Bespoke tractor weathervaneJohn Deere Weathervane
We sent out our latest Tractor Weathervane yesterday – based on a New Holland. The John  Deere was our original Tractor design that came from a photograph I took at the Cheshire Show, and we’re really hoping to expand our range further this summer possibly with some vintage Tractor designs, as both of these are fairly modern examples.

So we’ll be spending the next two weekends at Arley Hall in Cheshire; tomorrow and Sunday for a craft fair and the following weekend for their Spring Plant fair. I’m in the middle of painting a couple of new display items – our stand is evolving all the time!

Our New Metalcraft Display

Black Fox Display Stand at Worsley

Black Fox Metalcraft Display Board

Our new display stand for 2013! We painted the main board cream which sets off the black metalwork nicely & allows the the detail to stand out from a distance. Most of the display pieces are new;  we’ve chosen the most popular designs such as the ‘Gun Dogs’ and Fox Bracket, and our personal favourites –  the Velocette and Swallows. There’s a couple of other items with the powder coaters this week, which should be ready for Arley Hall at the weekend, and we’ve got plenty of ideas for improvements in time for some of the bigger agriculture events over summer.

The photo doesn’t show it but the weather was actually quite nice and bright for the Worsely show on Saturday, and we saw quite a busy morning as a result. It was the first farmers market held at the garden centre, but they had some quality stalls and considering it is not an established event, the turn out was quite good. It was pretty much the most local show we have done to date, and was great to see some friends & family coming out to see us.

Custom Saxophone Bracket

Custom Hanging basket bracketLoving our new Saxophone hanging basket bracket! Our customer ordered it for her friend who is a keen gardener and also Saxophonist. It’s based on our Fox bracket, but I have obviously swapped the Fox for a Saxophone and altered the design a bit to fit around the instrument. It will be available soon in our online shop, as both an indoor and outdoor bracket.

Its our first proper show of the year on Sunday, up in Lytham St Annes. We’ve painted the display board white and have several new display models so really looking forward to seeing it all put together!

Cheshire Show 2013

We have just booked a stand at this years Cheshire County Show! Our pitch is right near the main show area, and this two day event is expected to attract 80 000 visitors, which is by far the biggest show we have done. We’re currently working on designing a new stand with a 6 metre frontage  to display our weathervanes, farm signs, floral art stands and much more. Loads to do in preparation but so excited about this one!

Today I have been discussing a weathervane design with a customer based on her working cocker spaniels, and we have also picked up our latest swinging farm sign from the electroplaters. Its a really nice bespoke design showing a sheep, collie and shepherd, and will be going to Holland as soon as I have painted it.

Weathervanes in Cumbria

Best Selling Metalcraft

Designer hanging basket bracket.Sheep & Collie SignGun Dogs Weathervane in situThese were our best selling metalcraft products in 2012: The Sheep and Collie Farm Sign, Gun Dogs Weathervane and Black Fox hanging basket Bracket. This bracket, often ordered by people with the Sir name ‘Fox’ was the first design I did after setting up the business so really pleased that it has become so popular. The Sheep and Collie Farm sign was initially ordered as a bespoke design at the Hodder Valley Agriculture Show back in September, and based on its popularity we’re definitely going to work on other farm related designs such as Pigs in time for the next season of shows. The Gun Dogs weathervane was also an early design, and has been consistently popular and always commented on at all the shows we have been to. Really looking forward to the year ahead!

Capesthorne Hall, Cheshire

Capesthorne Hall, CheshireOrnate Wrought Iron GatesThis beautiful stately home in Cheshire is where we spent our weekend. Despite being a really busy event, it was far from being our most successful show, but we have taken a few orders and will be working on some new bespoke metalwork designs over the next few days.  We exhibited our classic car weathervanes here over summer where we were rained on all day, so was nice to be inside a heated marquee.  Orders include an Alsation House Sign, a miniature swinging sign with our black fox logo design, and another bespoke house name plate with the design yet to be decided. I managed to have  a quick look around the grounds this weekend, I’m glad I did because there is some fantastic Ironwork. These gates are a bit over the top for my personal taste – there can’t be many houses grand enough to suit them, but the amount of work that must have gone into them is very impressive.

I also managed to make a lot of progress with some of the hand painted farm and business signs we’re working on at the moment – the paint dried much quicker here than it has been doing in our freezing cold workshop!

Cockerel Hen & Chicks Weathervane

Arley Hall, CheshireArley Hall, CheshireCockerel Hen & Chicks WeathervaneHere’s a couple of photos of Arley Hall in Cheshire where we exhibited at the weekend. Really beautiful house, was a shame we didn’t get time to have a wander round the gardens on such a bright day. So we’ve just finalized the design for a Lion weathervane ordered at the show, and also for a new fox weathervane through our website. Another load of designs have just arrived form the laser cutters so plenty to be getting on with in the workshop today! And heres a photo of our newest weathervane design – ‘Cockerel Hen and Chicks’.

Decorative Metalwork at the Reebok Stadium

Jenny Selling WeathervanesHeres a photo of our stand at the Reebok Stadium craft fair on Sunday.  Was a large and busy event but far too much cheap, bought in jewelry and cuddly toys, very few actual artists or crafts people. Still though, got a couple of sales and enquiries, including a Golden Eagle house number plate and a small swinging business sign. Really excited about this one as it is going the start off our range of hand painted colour designs which I have been meaning to work on for ages!

Our new laser cut parts arrived yesterday so this afternoon we’ll be welding a Cockerel, hen & chicks weathervane, a ‘Gun dogs’ house number plate, and our series 1 E type Jaguar weathervane.

Weathervanes in Wasdale Head

Weathervanes in CumbriaCat & Bird Weathervane in CumbriaA beautiful place to be selling our weathervanes and house signs!  We spent Saturday at the Wasdale Head Agriculture show, and Sunday at a small craft fair in Penrith, which was thankfully an indoor event.  Wasn’t the most profitable weekend ever but easily covered our costs, met some really nice people and had a fantastic couple of days.  The location of the show was stunning, and we especially enjoyed watching the Terrier racing.  Orders from the weekends events included a Triumph house sign, a new design of coat hooks, and a weathervane with our cockerel, hen and chicks design.  The craft fair was a really quiet event which was a shame because there were some very talented people there.  But was at least warm and dry for a change!

So today we have a few orders to pick up from the powder coaters and send out before the end of the day – really looking forward to seeing the Harley Davidson weathervane complete!

Bespoke Metalwork at the Stokesley Show

Bespoke Weathervanes and Farm Signs

We had a fantastic day at the Stokesley agriculture show yesterday. After a very frosty but bright start to the day, we were set up by 9am and the crowds poured in soon after. It was busy all day and the weather was beautiful – we really didn’t have time to have a proper look around the showground at all. Was the most successful show we’ve done this summer so well worth the two hour drive there and back. We’ve had an order for a bespoke farm sign and weathervane, and also a Harley Davidson Weathervane, so I’l be spending a lot of next week doing design work which is quite exciting. Also great to have orders placed for a cockerel weathervane, a horse weathervane and two labrador themed house number plates that we already have in stock, so should be able to get these sent out to our customers at the end of the week.

I met a very friendly Alpaca being walked around on a lead – really beautiful and tame animal. When I’v got the orders sorted from the weekend I’l be looking into design ideas for alpaca weathervanes and house signs. Very busy week ahead – will definitely be back in Stokesley next year!