Contemporary Church Flower Stand

Floral Art Stand Church Flower StandWe’ve recently produced this bespoke flower stand for a church in Oldham. Its about 5 ft tall and has three platforms; the top one is welded on while the two on the sides are removable, with a decorative swirl in 10 mm bar framing the piece. Its quite a contemporary design, and because the two side platforms are removable, there’s so much potential for creating very different and varied displays. Here’s a couple of photos of how they have been using it so far..

Early this week we produced a 2 metre tall floral art stand for a florist in Salford Quays; basically a large square base, a long pole and a mesh top where the arrangement will sit. It was my first attempt at overhead TIG welding, which went surprisingly well. I found it very difficult keeping a steady hand when stood on a wobbling chair due to the not entirely flat ground of the workshop floor, but in the end it looked pretty neat and we were really pleased with the results.


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