Custom Swinging Signs

Art Nouveau Swinging SignSwinging Farm sign frameLarge Swinging SignThe middle photo here shows the finished frame for the first in our range of large swinging farm signs. It’s gone to Oldham to be electroplated & powder coated now, while the actual sign part, that we finished last week, should be coming back ready for hand painting. This large scale sign was a challenge just in terms of working out all the fixings, getting all the angles right, but now we’ve done one successfully, we are definitely confident that we could produce pub signs or other large business signs. I think the horns on top look fantastic – took a lot of work getting this unique design looking right. It was the customers idea to add these on, as they mirror the top of his beautiful gates.

The top photo shows another swinging sign, this horse design was ordered at a show in Worseley just before Christmas. It will be mounted at a local stables & riding centre.

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