Extra Strong Dog Cage

Extra Strong Dog Crate Dog crate extra secureThe second bespoke dog cage we’ve produced, this one is a fair bit larger as it is for an Alsatian not a Whippet. He’d broken out of his old standard crate in a bid to reach the family cat, so we were commissioned to produce this extra secure cage, to dimensions specified by the customer. As with the last one, the frame is 3 mm thick box section, all the rails are solid 8 mm bar, supported by 25 x 5 mm flat bar. It is welded together at every possible point, and the door hangs from four hinges and locks with two bolts. The 3 mm thick chequer plate floor is held down when the door is shut, and there is no flexibility whatsoever in the rails. So there will be no escape for poor Buster! We delivered it to Yorkshire last week and estimate it must have weighed at least 70 kilos.


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