Floral Art Stands

Stands Photo Flower Stands PhotoA set of floral art stands we’ve just finished in time for the RHS Tatton Show. We’ve never exhibited ourselves, but this will be the second year some of our metalwork has been a part of a florist’s display.

So the bases are made from 5 mm thick steel to keep the stands nice and stable, while the tops are only 2 mm; should be no issues with them over balancing or needing weights. The smaller ones were pretty straightforward but the larger one, being over 2 m tall, was quite difficult to get it completely straight due to the weight of the pole and the workshop floor being not at all flat.

And I have just been informed that, while writing this post and leaving the stands outside ┬áto be cleaned, a large bird has just left its mark in the middle of one of them. I’m pretty sure I heard that was good luck?

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