Gamekeepers Fair Derbyshire

Farm Signs and weathervanes on display Stainless Steel nameHere’s a couple of photos from our first show of the year, the BASC gamekeepers fair in Derbyshire. We’ve updated our stand a little, including a new banner showing some of our favourite swinging farm signs, and also an example of what we can do in terms of laser cut stainless steel wall art. ‘Name’ wall art has been quite popular recently, we’ve had a few ordered in chrome, and we wanted to promote the option of using brushed stainless steel instead, as we personally prefer the look of it. I think its just a bit more subtle and less blingy; entirely a matter of taste though!

So the show itself turned out to be a really good one; the weather was kind to us, we got a few sales, and gave out a loads of leaflets ( in part thanks to a little boy who joined our team for a short time! ). The Hare weathervane design was popular this weekend, as name and number plates though rather than weathervanes. And it helped being next door to a couple selling whisky and sloe gin, who were happily very liberal with the free samples! There were also plenty of dogs to make friends with, and we really enjoyed watching the Gun Dog events, both for the experienced dogs who knew exactly what they were doing, and also the comedy value of those who didn’t. So despite stupidly setting off late afternoon on Friday and spending several hours stationary on the M6, and as a result setting up the stand pretty much in the dark, this turned out to be a really good weekend, and will definitely be on the list for next year.

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